Barite Investment and Mining JSC: Flagship of Bac Kan Extractive Industries

5:55:54 PM | 26/11/2013

Abundant mineral resources in large reserves are considered the potential and strength for the development of Bac Kan province. Founded from a cooperation agreement between Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) and Bac Kan province, Barite Investment and Mining Joint Stock Company is one of leading mining companies with significant contributions to the social and economic development of Bac Kan province.
After completing investment procedures, the company was awarded the barite ore in Phac Lam village, Lang Ngam commune, Ngan Son district, Bac Kan province in 2009 and started its stable commercial operations in 2010. Its main product, barite ores, is supplied to Northern DMC Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
To be active in all mining operations, apart from investments for new machinery and equipment, upgrading and maintenance, the company has specifically focused on human resource development. The company has managed to choose appropriate personnel for its operations. The company and ore-site managers are highly skilled, capable and experienced in the profession. Meanwhile, workers are well trained and skilful. Currently, the company has over 50 employees.
To improve human resource quality and ensure legitimate rights and interest of employees, the company often sends its managerial staff to training courses on occupational safety and health organised by the Preventive Medicine Centre and the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Bac Kan province; organised in-house training classes for employees to learn about mining machines and equipment operations, labour safety and fire prevention; organised periodic health examinations for employees; and regularly conducted workplace condition assessments.
In the first nine months of the year, the company successfully organised the annual shareholders' meeting for fiscal year 2013, assigned two officials to Northern DMC Petrochemical to study sample analysis, established flood prevention plans, built water pipes to ore sites, supplied labour protection apparatuses for workers, and sent required periodic reports to authorities. Thanks to proper and timely care of the company's management, labour safety has been guaranteed and no occupational accidents and food poisoning have happened.
As regards production and production service, the company proactively deals with unfavourable weather conditions and processes broken barite ores to maximise gains from exploited ores. In the first three quarters of the year, the company dug additional 3,500 square metres of sludge lakes on mountains to raise the waste-storing capacity to 18,000 cubic metres, reinforced settling ponds, built waste embankment dams, tightened supervision in case of heavy rains, and deployed prompt responses in case of incidents. Furthermore, the firm actively negotiated with villagers in Phac Lam village to rent close to 11,000 square metres of land to dig into a sludge-storing pond. Once completed, the pond capacity will reach 70,000 cubic metres. This pond is expected to help wash 15,000 tonnes of ores and facilitate the reorganisation of other ponds.
The company hopes to exploit other minerals when the Government and the Bac Kan Provincial People’s Committee approve. Besides, in June 2013, the company piloted adobe brick production in order to make use of solid waste. This also helps protect the environment, create jobs and increase incomes for employees.
Director Tran Dong Hai said the biggest concern of the company is the new Law on Minerals has just taken effect and its instruction documents have not been sufficiently issued. As a result, mining companies are temporarily losing investment directions. So, the company hopes the Government and the Provincial People’s Committee will soon issue legal documents to help companies to shape their operations and explore new ores. The company pledges long-term investment if it is granted licences to produce other minerals and awarded new ore mines.
Needless to say, with the care of local authorities and the constant effort of all staffs, Barite Investment and Mining Joint Stock Company is promoting its operating efficiency and contributing more to the success of Bac Kan province in investment attraction.