Thai Nguyen Water Resource Exploitation Company: 25 Years with Agriculture and Countryside

3:27:37 PM | 8/6/2017

Founded on November 9, 1992, after nearly 25 years of construction and development to date, the staff of Thai Nguyen Water Resource Exploitation One Member Limited Company has always strived to uphold solidarity and unanimity to overcome every difficulty and challenge to unceasingly enhance effective management and operation of irrigation works in service of agricultural production and economic activities and mobilised various sources of funds to restore, repair, maintain and upgrade the capacity of the system; and protected all works under any circumstance, even disasters.

Currently, the company undertakes irrigation of 70 per cent of rice and other crop areas in the province, with a total irrigated area of over 63,000 ha in addition to regularly repairing, upgrading and renovating irrigation works to supply enough water for agricultural production. The firm has instructed its affiliated enterprises and local irrigation stations to manage projects safely, regulate enough water for production, store water in reservoirs, strictly control water resources, rationalise irrigated water, and prevent water waste and loss. Besides, the company provides general social security benefits like supplying 30,000 cubic metres of input freshwater a day to Tich Luong Water Plant and 50,000 - 150,000 cubic metres a day to Yen Binh Water Plant to meet water demands in Thai Nguyen province; and utilises excess energy generated from water flows to run power generators, which have an annual output of 10 million kWh of electricity.

In addition to ensuring effective business operations, the company always fully implements statutory employee policies, and regularly supports and sends its employees to attend professional training courses and political training classes as well. It coordinates with the Trade Union, Women's Union and Youth Union to take care of livelihoods and social policies for its employees and host cultural, arts, fitness and sports events. Therefore, its nearly 400 employees, including nearly 100 Party cadres belonging to nine committees, always work with the highest sense of responsibility to meet its tasks in the renovation period.

In the coming time, Thai Nguyen Water Resource Exploitation Company will work harder to manage irrigation works, track weather and hydro-meteorological conditions and regard production situations to carry out better irrigation options, grasp budgets to repair and upgrade downgraded irrigation works to enhance the watering service in agricultural and forestry production, as well as other demands in the province.

Thuy Giang