Quang Ngai Customs Aims to Raise Nearly 448 Pct in Budget Revenue in 2018

2:40:18 PM | 28/9/2018

The customs sector of Quang Ngai province calculated and registered the collection revenue in 2018 at VND3 trillion (US$129 million), equal to 448 per cent of the initial value, with the General Department of Vietnam Customs. Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Mr Huynh Van Can, Director of Quang Ngai Customs Department, on this record high in State budget revenue. Le Hien reports.

The budget revenue to be collected by the Quang Ngai customs sector in 2018 is estimated at VND3 trillion, 448 per cent that of the assigned target. What do you think about this sudden increase?
In general, Quang Ngai Customs Department achieved positive and comprehensive results in all aspects in the first eight months of 2018.

Export-import turnover: The volume of exported and imported goods reached nearly 4 billion (tonnes or cubic metres) worth over US$981 million. The customs sector carried out entry and exit procedures for 334 ships and 6,434 crew members.

The value paid to the State Budget was VND1,550 billion (US$66 million), equal to 231.4 per cent of the regulatory task assigned in Decision 2465/QD-BTC dated November 29, 2017 and equal to 221.4 per cent of the revised target of VND700 billion stipulated in Directive 555/CT-TCHQ dated January 26, 2018. Based on importing and exporting prospects in the last months of the year, the customs sector of Quang Ngai province calculated and registered the collection revenue in 2018 at VND3 trillion (US$129 million), equal to 448 per cent of the initial value, with the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

What is attributed to this budget revenue increase?
There are many reasons for the surge in the current budget revenue. First of all, it has come from late tax payments and corrections from previous periods as a result of added import tax payment from zero to 5 per cent (MFN tax rate is not applied to declarations in 2017), higher crude oil prices, and the ongoing construction of Hoa Phat Dung Quat Integrated Iron and Steel Complex.

In addition to extraordinary takings, local importation and exportation of taxpayers is normal. Tax incomes mainly come from crude oil import, woodchip export and property imports for ongoing projects in the province.

Would you tell us about specific solutions of Quang Ngai Customs Department in the coming time?
The Quang Ngai Customs Department always defines that administrative procedure reform will help reduce time, cost and human resources for individuals and organisations when they deal with paperwork at State customs agencies, and takes their satisfaction as the gauge for administrative procedure settlement and business development.

The Quang Ngai Customs Department is among the first 10 units to carry out e-customs procedures under the Prime Minister's Decision 103/QD-TTg on deployment of VNACC/VCIS Automated Clearing System. The department proactively approached the system and successfully deployed two months ahead of the sector’s overall plan.

The department integrates and automatically processes data and strives to achieve desired flowing results (such as 100 per cent of declaration forms done via the VNACCS/VCIS system, E-manifest and electronic tax collection method.) The department continues to deploy the National Single Window (NSW) and the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) as planned by the General Department of Vietnam Customs and carry out public administrative procedures at Level 3 and Level 4 according to Decision 1533/QD-TCHQ dated May 27, 2016 and Official Letter 17663/BTC-TCHQ dated December 13, 2016. Currently, 31 administrative procedures at the department level and 40 administrative procedures at the sub-department level are made online, and a total of 425 sets of records have been settled since the start of 2018. Accordingly, civil servants directly dealing with administrative procedures do not require applicants to submit additional documents, records and fees beyond the current regulations. In addition, the department actively deploys the electronic tax payment and 24/7 customs clearance project and informs officials, importers and exporters in the province. Reviewing the one-year implementation of the project launched by the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the Quang Ngai Customs Department is considered one of good implementers of the project, ranked seventh among 35 provincial or municipal department in the country. The unit maintains and enhances partnership with the local business community.

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