Quang Ninh Merges Tax Offices

2:56:34 PM | 7/11/2018

Quang Ninh is the first province in the country to reform the Party organisations of tax offices. The Personnel Bureau and the leadership of the Ministry of Finance also chose this province to pilot the unification of district-level tax offices.

The Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation recently announced a decision of the Minister of Finance on merging district-level tax offices into a regional tax sub-department directly under the Quang Ninh Tax Department.

The regional tax sub-department includes Administration - Personnel - Finance - Administration - Sealing Unit; Communication - Support - Profession - Estimation - Law Unit; Tax Inspection - Debt Management - Tax Enforcement Unit and three commune-level tax administration teams. The new structure of local tax offices will be more streamlined than in the past.

In this pilot phase, seven current tax sub-departments will be transformed into three. The second phase will rearrange the rest. After the reshuffle, the Quang Ninh Tax Department will have seven tax sub-departments instead of 14 as now, a reduction of half as guided by the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation.

Speaking at the announcement ceremony, Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung affirmed that Quang Ninh is leading the country in many fields. The province is highly appreciated by central authorities and followed by many other localities. Apparatus transformation is a pioneering work.

He highly regarded the Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee for having early decision to set up the affiliated Party Committee of the Provincial Taxation Department. This is the first Provincial Party Committee in the country to transform the Party apparatus of tax offices. Quang Ngai province is also the first province to pilot the merge of district-level tax offices into regional tax sub-departments.

Finance Minister Dung told tax officers in Quang Ninh province to rationalise the reorganisation most effectively as the merge may result in certain disturbance in organisational structure, livelihood and thinking. But, he believed that, with the tradition of unity and creativity of the staff of the Quang Ninh Tax Department, difficulties will soon be solved to provide favourable conditions for it to successfully complete assigned tasks and contribute to overall local development.

Minister Dung requested the General Director of the General Department of Taxation to closely guide the establishment of regional tax sub-departments and quickly report to higher authorities for settlement if any issue arises beyond their competence. He also expected Quang Ninh province to pay further attention and provide good conditions for the Quang Ninh Tax Department to fulfil its assigned tasks.

Reportedly, after Quang Ninh, five other provinces, namely Hai Duong, Yen Bai, Quang Ngai, Lam Dong and Ca Mau, will merge their district-level tax departments into regional tax sub-departments affiliated to the Provincial Tax Departments. The General Department of Taxation will assess, draw experience and report to the Ministry of Finance to launch the merger across the country. By 2020, at least a half of local tax offices will be reduced.

Thanh Nga