Ninh Thuan Developing into Renewable Energy Center

4:47:46 PM | 11/4/2019

While hydropower potential is almost fully exploited and fossil energy sources are scarcer, developing renewable energy (wind power and solar power) is an inevitable trend. Endowed with huge potential and advantages of sunlight and wind, many energy projects have been implemented and Ninh Thuan is on the way to being a renewable energy center of the country.
Mr. Luu Xuan Vinh, Chairman of the Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee, said that the province is endowed with very favorable conditions for wind power and solar power development. Ninh Thuan is faced with almost no storms and exposed to year-round sunlight and wind. Wind blows steadily 10 months a year at an average speed of 6.4 - 9.6 meters per second, enough to run turbines to generate electricity.
The potential for renewable energy development in Ninh Thuan is huge. According to estimates, the province can invest to exploit more than 10,000 MW of solar and wind power.
Carrying out Resolution 31/2016 of the lawmaking National Assembly and realizing the goal of building Ninh Thuan into a renewable energy center of the country, the Prime Minister directed Ninh Thuan province to develop 2,000 MW of solar power energy which will be added to the National Power Development Plan to 2020.
So far, Ninh Thuan province has 43 renewable energy projects, including 14 wind power projects with a total installed capacity of 843.5 MW and 29 solar power projects with a total capacity of 1,939 MW. Currently, 114.4 MW of wind power and solar power has been fed to the national grid, becoming an important driving force of economic growth.


Boosting capacity


Currently, the power transmission network system in Ninh Thuan province is mainly serving the local socioeconomic development and is yet to meet requirements from renewable energy projects. The local transmission system is estimated to serve only 777.35 MW while the total investment capacity has now reached 1,939 MW.
Mr. Pham Dang Thanh, Director of Ninh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade, said, to encourage renewable energy investors and bring electricity generated by invested projects to the grid, Ninh Thuan province proposed that the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Industry and Trade direct Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) to work out power transmission investment plans to meet the rising demand of local renewable energy projects.
To release the production capacity of renewable energy projects in the provinces of Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan and Khanh Hoa, the Ministry of Industry and Trade asked the Prime Minister for permission to add power grid projects to the adjusted Power Plan VII. The ministry also asked for changing plans and adjusting the progress of some Ninh Thuan province-based projects like investing in 500-kV Thuan Nam station, 500-kV Thuan Nam - Chon Thanh transmission line (by 2025), 220-kV Ninh Phuoc station and switch (by 2021); and 220-kV Ninh Phuoc - Vinh Tan double circuit line (by 2023). However, the current situation is tough because solar power projects need a short investment time, only 6 - 12 months, while 220-kV and 500-kV transmission grids need at least three years and five years to complete, respectively.
With the efforts of the province and the determination of investors, when the output quiz is solved, Ninh Thuan will soon realize the goal of becoming a renewable energy center of the country, making an important contribution to the national energy source, creating a driving force for local socioeconomic development.

Thien Quang