BIDV Kon Tum - A Trusted Companion

2:20:33 PM | 22/5/2019

Along with the potential of diverse economic development, Kon Tum province also possesses a strong banking system to attract investors. Prominent in this system is Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Kon Tum Branch (BIDV Kon Tum).

Putting customers at the heart

In 28 years of operation, BIDV Kon Tum has actively implemented programs to connect banks and businesses; offering loans for start-up projects, loans for hi-tech agricultural projects. BIDV Kon Tum always places itself in the position of customers to provide reasonable advice and find the best support plan for customers; proactively reforms procedures and loan documents and shortens loan settlement time. At the same time, it offers very competitive lending rates. Through this effort, customers will feel secure when dealing with the bank and help the bank access potential customers who have real demand for loans. By the end of 2018, the total scale of BIDV Kon Tum reached nearly VND5,200 billion; in particular, credit balance reached nearly VND3 trillion, while capital mobilization reached more than VND2,300 billion.

Not only focusing on business development, BIDV Kon Tum promotes its responsibility to society. With the support of BIDV, from 2009 to now, BIDV Kon Tum has contributed over VND50 billion to local social security. In the first quarter of 2019, it spent more than VND300 million on local social security activities and currently is building 50 houses for poor households in the area with a total value of VND2.5 billion. In addition to supporting the welfare programs, each year BIDV Kon Tum’s employees also contribute nearly VND50 million to support social security activities in the area.

Constantly improving competitiveness

Mr. Dang Van Quyen, Director of BIDV Kon Tum, said that in order to achieve good business results, the branch has focused on six key solutions to improve competitiveness and attract customers:

The first is a solution of human resources. BIDV Kon Tum always creates conditions for employees to improve their qualifications (currently the branch has 13 employees holding M.A degrees). In addition, the Board of Directors of Kon Tum BIDV always pay due attention to taking care of workers' lives.

Second is a solution to improve the quality of customer service. Operating in the field of services, BIDV Kon Tum has always focused on innovating and improving its transaction style to satisfy customers. In 2019, responding the theme "Smile of BIDV", BIDV Kon Tum adopts "Professionalism - Thoughtfulness - Quality" style and regularly keeps a clean and friendly transaction space.

Third is to prioritize the application of comprehensive digital banking on aspects of business operations, processes and products in line with the trend of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Fourth is to promote administrative procedure reform, and shorten unnecessary processes in customer service.

Fifth is to synchronously deploy preferential product packages of BIDV on deposit, loan and service products to bring the best benefits to customers.

Sixth is to strengthen communication, branding and customer care to improve customer satisfaction and the image of BIDV Kon Tum.

Through creative directions and efforts to implement these breakthrough solutions, BIDV Kon Tum has gained a number of loyal customers and created a good image, a solid position in the hearts of local people. “With the prestige of BIDV and the spirit of optimism of the employees, BIDV Kon Tum will continue to strive to improve product quality and the competitiveness in the market, thereby effectively meeting the needs of investment capital for provincial development," Mr. Quyen emphasized.

Cong Luan