Nam Dan toward an Exemplary New Rural District

10:08:44 AM | 26/8/2019

With its ongoing effort and high determination, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province has completed new countryside construction after only seven years of implementing the program. In addition to the well upgraded infrastructure, the economic structure has improved greatly.

Accordingly, its economy has a lower share of agriculture (from 49.23% in 2011 to 37.46% in 2018), a higher share of industry and construction (from 20.9% in 2011 to 29.97% in 2018) and services (from 29.87% in 2011 to 33.75% in 2018). Per capita income reached VND43 million in 2018, an increase of 2.46 times over 2010. Poverty rate fell to 2.16% from 14.04% in 2010.

Being qualified for new countryside standards, Nam Dan has been also chosen by the Central Steering Committee as one of four districts in the country to pilot representative new countryside construction and become a representative countryside district of integrated cultural and tourism development and a national tourism center in 2025. The district has defined clear objectives and specific targets: By 2025, all communes will meet advanced new countryside standards and at least six out of 23 communes achieve exemplary new countryside standards with regard to cultural and tourism development. Besides, cultural tourism will become a key economic sector to bring the share of tourism and services to 42-43% of the district’s GDP. The Party and people of Nam Dan district has immediately embarked on representative new countryside construction. The district has continued to comprehensively improve the quality of local new countryside construction and, at the same time, preserved and promoted cultural and historical values and revolutionary traditions as driving forces for accelerated economic and social development. Improving the quality of new countryside criteria is indispensable. Nam Dan is striving to become a national tourist center by 2025. Indeed, it is not easy to increase the share of tourism services by 9-10% over 2018.

In order to become a representative new countryside district, Nam Dan needs to make clear its internal and external forces, reconsider some key issues, and review local resources and its external investment resources that are ineffectively utilized. Particularly, district leaders must have planning solutions which have not yet come into conclusion after three years of deployment, said Provincial Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh during his working trip to Nam Dan district.

Its social and economic development has positively progressed in the past two years. Mr. Vinh reminded Nam Dan district to pursue substantive progress. The district is eyeing for a declining share of industry and agriculture and a rising share of tourism and service in its economy. Nevertheless, the share of tourism and service is lower than the share of agriculture and industry. District leaders must research, review and clarify objective and subjective reasons to work out long-term development orientations.

Ngoc Dan