BTWaseco Ensures Enough Clean Water for Daily Life and Production

1:36:51 PM | 12/9/2019

Alongside the strong development process of the province, Binh Thuan Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock Company (BTWaseco) has enjoyed strong development in terms of scale, technology and management level.

Promoting resources

BTWaseco, formerly Thuan Hai Drilling- Water Supply Enterprise, was established in April 1981. On September 1, 2010, it was officially transformed into a joint stock company, with the task of exploiting, treating and supplying clean water to meet the needs of daily life and production in Phan Thiet City and surrounding areas.

One great advantage for BTWaseco is that during operation, it has always received the enthusiastic guidance and support of the provincial People's Committee and other departments, agencies in the area. Specifically, Binh Thuan province has supported 50% of capital to invest in installing a number of water supply pipelines, creating favorable conditions for BTWaseco to develop and expand the scope of water supply in La Gi Town and Bac Binh Town.

In 2018, its water production reached 27,520,619m³, 4.35% higher than the plan. Entering 2019, right from the beginning of the year, the BTWaseco has actively implemented business plans and basic construction investment to its subsidiaries. Therefore, it has been able to maintain stable production and business activities.

The service capacity as well as water supply capacity of the BTWaseco has improved greatly. At present, the company is operating three water supply branches including Bac Binh, Phan Thiet and La Gi, with a total output of about 80,000 m3 per day and night, and a total of 80,000 customers. The quality of water supply is highly appreciated by local people. In addition to the water supply function, BTWaseco also regularly works together with relevant agencies to inspect and ensure water safety, helping to raise the people's awareness about environmental sanitation.

Towards sustainable development

With the main function of providing clean water for daily life and production, in the past years, BTWaseco has always closely followed the development planning of local industrial parks and urban areas.“ We wish to expand our water supply capacity to water-deprived areas in the province, ensuring the goal that all people are provided with quality water for daily needs. At present, we are focusing on building a water supply development project for Phan Thiet Airport and its surrounding areas, and preparing a water supply plan for new urban areas in Phan Thiet City, La Gi and Bac Binh," said Mr. Nguyen Nhat Khanh. Director of BTWaseco.

Also according to Mr. Khanh, over the past time, due to the impact of climate change and the operation of upstream hydropower plants, the flow of raw water has decreased and become increasingly scarce. To overcome this bottleneck, BTWaseco has actively cooperated with the Exploiting Irrigation One Member Limited Company to regulate raw water source for stable production. At the same time, it is upgrading the capacity of its water plants and improving connectivity among them.

Sharing the future direction, Director Khanh said, BTWaseco will focus on improving the efficiency of water supply, mobilizing all resources and fostering cooperation for mutual development. The company is carrying out Safe Water Supply Program and planning for incidents like climate change, and water pollution. It aims to reduce the rate of clean water loss below 18% by 2020. In addition, the company has also strengthened cooperation, enhanced production capacity, expanded water supply network to provide enough clean water to serve the people from now to 2020 and subsequent years, aiming for sustainable and successful integration.

Minh Xuan