Tuy Phong Industrial Park - Preferred Destination of Investors

1:23:53 PM | 12/9/2019

Blessed with a convergence of diverse potential advantages like good location, convenient and interconnected traffic system, available land fund, complete infrastructure system, abundant human resources, outstanding utilities, competitive land rent and flexible rent payment methods, Tuy Phong Industrial Park readily welcomes investors home and abroad and hopes to become their reliable destination.

The 150-ha Tuy Phong Industrial Park, invested and developed by Tan Dai Tien Binh Thuan Company Limited, costs a total of VND370 billion (over US$18 million) for construction. This potential facility is designed to meet production expansion requirements of enterprises, gradually form a complete and modern industrial zone and, together with other local industrial zones, speed up socioeconomic growth of Binh Thuan province and surrounding areas.

Prime location and ideal traffic system for industrial production are magnets of the industrial park to investors. The park is only 100 km from Cam Ranh International Airport, 6 km from Vinh Tan General Port, 0.9 km from Vinh Hao Railway Station, and adjacent to National Highway 1. A good transportation infrastructure enables tenants in Tuy Phong Industrial Park to transport commodities and materials to and from it and serve socioeconomic development of Binh Thuan province and neighboring localities in the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands. In addition to its prime location, Tuy Phong Industrial Park has abundant, qualified workers, low land rents, low labor costs, low transport costs, and investment funds for infrastructure.

After more than three years of construction, Tuy Phong Industrial Park has a complete technical infrastructure system and 110/22KV power stations (a total capacity of 63 MVA) to serve electricity for enterprises, a water supply plant with a daily capacity of 15,000 cubic meters to serve demand by manufacturers and people, a centralized wastewater treatment plant with a daily capacity of 4,000 cubic meters, a well-designed rainwater drainage system and internal traffic system.

In this regard, Mr. Luu Huu Tien, Director of Tan Dai Tien Binh Thuan Co., Ltd, said the current competition among industrial parks in Binh Thuan province in general and neighboring localities in particular is very stiff, requiring developers not only to have strategies to woo professional investors but also increase magnetism from infrastructure systems. Being deeply aware of this, Tan Dai Tien Binh Thuan Co., Ltd has built synchronous, modern technical infrastructure for Tuy Phong Industrial Park. These are also competitive advantages of Tuy Phong Industrial Park over other industrial parks in the region and a solid foundation for the sustainable development of businesses and investors in the whole region.

In addition to promoting available advantages such as prime location, complete infrastructure, good geological features, cheap land rents and abundant local labor resources, Tuy Phong Industrial Park always tries its best as a reliable companion and this is also an important factor for it to court investors. Tan Dai Tien Binh Thuan Co., Ltd always stays side by side with tenants and provides them the best conditions, right from the time they prepare investment to the time they operate their projects. In Tuy Phong Industrial Park, they are offered preferential policies on land subleasing prices (5% discount of land hire contract value for five first projects), free legal support, free administrative procedure supports like investment certificate, tax and customs procedures.

Director Tien added that Tan Dai Tien Binh Thuan Co., Ltd has already paid land rental for 50 years. Thus, when secondary investors enter Tuy Phong Industrial Park, banks may lend up to 70% of land value to them. In addition, the developer always actively cooperates with the government of Binh Thuan province to reform administrative procedures, improve the investment environment, gradually create an open, transparent and attractive investment environment, and launch regular investment promotion activities to court local and external investors. Therefore, in recent years, dozens of domestic and foreign investors have come to study and invest in Tuy Phong Industrial Park, including big corporations like Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), Right Rich International Co., Ltd and Eco Frendly Group (South Korea). “The current great progress of Tuy Phong Industrial Park comes from the close care and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee as well as the active support of departments and agencies in Binh Thuan province. In the coming time, we hope to receive more assistance and guidance from the Party, central and local authorities, as well as to attract more businesses and investors and make Tuy Phong Industrial Park an ideal investment terminus, thus helping generate more jobs, increase income for people in Tuy Phong district in particular and Binh Thuan province at large, and create a driving force for local socioeconomic growth,he concluded.

Cong Luan