Smart Tech Vina Affirming Stuff and Prestige of a Vietnamese Brand

2:55:50 PM | 30/10/2019

Supporting industry are the backbone of industry. Currently, Vietnam's supporting industry has been gradually developed to meet urgent demands for machinery and equipment of transport, irrigation, industry, construction and civil engineering. The formation of Vietnam Smart Technology Application and Engineering Co., Ltd. (Smart Tech Vina) expresses Vietnamese people's desires to build a brand of Vietnam and master modern technologies.

Smart Tech Vina was established in 2013 with the top goal of providing products and services of excellent quality and most competitive prices for customers and becoming an ideal brand capable of fulfilling expectations of each customer in each market area. After 10 years of operation, Smart Tech Vina has affirmed the bravery and prestige of a Vietnamese brand with product lines used in mechanical engineering, machine manufacturing and supporting industries for FDI companies active in Vietnam. Recently, Smart Tech Vina has put into operation a factory located in VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park. The facility, situated in a large campus, is equipped with modern machinery and staffed by experienced engineers and workers. This is considered a powerful transformation of the company to catch up with Industry 4.0 and meet the most stringent requirements of customers. With the new factory, Smart Tech Vina expects to bring more quality products, better meet customers’ needs for high quality products, good prices and fast delivery. Smart Tech Vina is building up great trust on the market and customers confidently choose its products like jigs, test jigs, machine parts, automated machines, testing machines, operating tables, trolleys, industrial racks, conveyor belts and conveyors. With its well-prepared investment, qualified personnel, advanced techniques and processing equipment, with its effective quick approach to cutting-edge technologies and quality consciousness, Smart Tech Vina is trusted by multinational corporations in Vietnam and abroad as supplier of services and products. Its typical customers include Samsung, Hansol, Sungwoo, Dreamtech and Otrontech.

For nearly a decade of development, Smart Tech Vina always believes that only intelligence, bravery and aspirations sustain the development of a company. Since its inception, the company has focused on building a corporate culture imbued with Vietnamese identity, featured by rules of humane, cordial, disciplined conduct built and nurtured by the intellect and unrelenting creativity of all employees. Fostering collective strength to create high-quality products is the line of operation Smart Tech Vina transmitted to all members of the company. This is a guiding principle of the company throughout the years.

In the past time, Smart Tech Vina has constantly created values and stayed steadfast with the business principle “No.1 companion of partners”; and provided best products and services for customers. Beside superior quality value, each product or service contains intellectual value, aesthetics, authenticity and a sense of responsibility in order to satisfy the maximum needs of customers. At Smart Tech Vina, human resources are always considered the core element, the most valuable asset. Each member always actively strives to learn, to improve his/her own, and adheres to the corporate culture featuring its core values “Prestige - honesty - intelligence” as a compass for all courses of action.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tan, Director of Smart Tech Vina, said, “The core factor to lead the company through twists and turns and achieve continuous success is the people of Smart Tech Vina. We are enthusiastic, determined and united for professionalism and efficiency. We are united and steadfast to overcome difficulties and challenges to reach success. Living is not only getting but giving as well. Let's live our true lives with colleagues, and then you will receive a lot of joy, happiness and help from others. When you work hard for the development of Smart Tech Vina, the company will always recognize and reward your contributions by sharing appropriate value of benefits.”