By the Side of Business

10:58:49 AM | 8/1/2020

With ongoing efforts of all sectors and levels of government, the number of newly registered enterprises in Dak Lak province has increased over previous years.

Stepping up administrative procedure reform

To support local businesses, based on tasks and solutions assigned by the Government, Dak Lak province worked out specific programs and plans to carry out its tasks, especially measures to accelerate administrative procedure reform.

A lot of administrative procedures concerning enterprises have been streamlined and reduced, compared to general regulations. For example, the time for settling 26 business registration procedures is shortened from three working days to one, and the time for handling procedures of appraising land-use demands for land assignment or non-auctioned land lease was slashed from 30 days to 25 days.

Every year, Dak Lak province collects information from businesses and investors to assess and classify administrative reforms conducted by departments and agencies to ensure relationship transparency between State agencies and businesses and entrepreneurs; prevent and resist improper conduct in the relationship between enterprises and entrepreneurs with public employees. Furthermore, the province focuses on updating, reviewing and modifying plans, adding practically valuable information, and ensuring business rights.

Enhancing competitiveness for business

To assist enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the province has actively launched support for local companies such as delivering training support for SMEs, helping SMEs access credit, facilitating business connectivity through trade promotion, and connecting domestic and international markets.

In addition, the Dak Lak Tax Department regularly cooperates with providers of free and price-reduced support services for newly-established businesses (support for online delivery of digital signature, support for free accounting service, 6-month free service on tax declaration, free accounting software for new companies).

Various activities have been launched by the Provincial People’s Committee to assist local companies to deal with emerging hardships, including Business Dialogue Conference (held twice a year), Business Thursday (every Thursday), Business Coffee Talks (every Tuesday morning, from 6:30 to 7:30); and Official Public Question - Official Answer Program (once a month). Some agencies such as the Tax Department, the Customs Department, and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development have actively organized business dialogue meetings of their respective industries to help companies and investors tackle difficulties.

Carrying out Government policies on business support in agricultural and rural investment, the province has provided over VND5 billion for two enterprises. The disbursed grants have partly helped them solve difficulties to deploy effective investment.

Especially, since 2018, the province has paid attention to facilitating business startups, including building and operating a co-working space for startups, building an innovative startup information portal of Dak Lak province, and successfully organizing the first business startup contest in 2018. At the same time, the Dak Lak Provincial People's Committee signed a cooperation agreement with Vietnam Startup Foundation (SVF) to launch the startup ecosystem construction program in 2018-2020.

As of June 2019, the province had 7,885 operating businesses and 765 company branches, totaling 8,650 units.