First Central District Meets New Countryside Standards

1:59:08 PM | 5/5/2020

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung recently signed Decision 520/QD-TTg recognizing Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province, as meeting new countryside standards in 2019.

Mr. Ngo Quang Chien, Chairman of the Cam Lo People’s Committee, said that, after nearly nine years of implementing the Program on New Countryside Development, Cam Lo district mobilized VND3,017 billion to realize new countryside criteria. In 2019, Cam Lo district had all eight communes certified to meet new countryside standards. Cam Chinh commune was recognized as a model new rural commune. Besides, Cam Lo district also fulfilled all nine criteria as a new rural district under Decision 558/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister.

To date, Cam Lo district has changed dramatically, with the economy growing well, the economic structure shifted to the right direction; production development and people's income improved. In 2019, per capita income in rural areas was VND38.34 million, an increase of 1.9 times over 2011. The poverty rate was 3.57%.

Historical monuments and cultural traditions are preserved and developed. Education and health quality is guaranteed. Rural landscape and environment are improved; political security and social order and safety are enhanced. People enjoy a full material and spiritual life. In the decision certifying Cam Lo to meet new rural district standards, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung assigned the Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee to announce, reward and direct Cam Lo district to further maintain and improve the quality of criteria and focus on production and environment criteria to ensure rural area construction sustainability.

Cam Lo is the first district of Quang Tri province to achieve new countryside standards.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum