Tien Giang Fishery Deserving as the Key Economic Sector

3:26:37 PM | 8/7/2005

Tien Giang Fishery Deserving as the Key Economic Sector


In 2004, Tien Giang fishery saw stable development in all aspects of catching, aquaculture and processing of aquatic products. These achievements are attributed to the drastic transformation from aquaculture in salt and brackish water into fresh water aquaculture as well as the increased processing of aquatic products for export.

Diverse methods of aquaculture

 In its tireless efforts to tap fishing potential on the Tien river, many aquaculture villages have been set up from Tan Long District (My Tho city) to Cai Lay and Cai Be. This is a breakthrough in fresh water aquaculture for the Tien Giang fishery sector. By the end of 2004, Tien Giang had 310 fish farming rafts, a five-fold increase as compared to 2003.

Besides, the western districts of the province have boosted the cultivation of tra fish in riverside areas. By now, the two districts of Cai Lay and Cai Be have developed 18.8 hectares to breed tra fish for export; in the coming time, Cai Lay district will add 8 more hectares for this purpose. According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Can, Director of Tien Giang Provincial Aquaculture Department, this growth is attributed to the seafood procurement contracts of Hung Vuong Ltd. Company and Seaprodex with the support of the Provincial Fishery Association. In 2005, fresh water aquaculture will see strong growth with two new projects, namely the Tra Fish Farming Project in Con Tron (Cai Be) over an area of 120 hectares with the investment capital of VND17 billion, and the Project of Fish and Shrimp Breeding in Rainy Season on over 40 hectares in Tan Hoi commune, Cai Lay district.

Boosting the processing of aquatic products for export

With an export turnover of US$ 22 million in 2004, the seafood processing and export of Tien Giang are now back on the recovery track after the downturn in 2002 and 2003. Appropriate investment incentives in the province have encouraged enterprises from different economic sectors to become involved in processing and exporting aquatic products in My Tho Industrial Zone. Accordingly, in 2004, the export output of frozen seafood reached 9,000 tonnes with key products such as tra fish, mollusc, fried fish, frozen shrimp and the tinned seafood industry exporting 750,000 cans.

In August 2004, three enterprises in Tien Giang province were licensed to directly export seafood to the EU market, namely Hung Vuong Ltd. Company, Viet Phu Ltd. Company and the canned seafood workshop of Tien River Trade Ltd. Company. This license helped considerably increase the export volume of seafood. In 2004, the Hung Vuong Ltd. Company completed its second phase of investment with capital of VND38 billion, lifting the total investment to VND65 billion and increasing the production capacity by 2.5 times as compared to the first phase. As a result, the company has produced more than 5,000 tonnes of tra fish filet for export. Recently, Tien River Trade Ltd. Company (SOTICO) brought a canned seafood workshop into operation with a capacity of one million cans per month. This workshop has exported a variety of fish and oyster products to the United States, Japan and Korea, thereby diversifying the company’s seafood export categories.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Can, in 2005, the fishery sector will enhance the investment in intensive aquaculture with clear focus. It will strive to achieve an export turnover of US$ 32-40 million in 2005. To this end, seafood export enterprises must improve product quality, expand consumption markets and harmoniously develop seafood processing, farming and catching. At the same time, the province should facilitate and encourage enterprises, fish farmers and fishers to increase their catching output with the assistance of the national Fishery Association. In addition, factories should also process fresh water seafood for export to increase product value.

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