Urban-Rural Construction Planning towards Civilization, Modernity and Sustainability

10:17:24 AM | 3/7/2020

In the past years, planning, managing and developing urban-rural technical infrastructure in Kien Giang province was focused to unlock local economic advantages, attract more investment funds, and manage urban and rural construction order to give a new facelift to urban - rural areas towards civilization, modernity and sustainability.

The Kien Giang construction planning to 2025 was approved by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision 1180/QD-UBND, dated June 2, 2010, to create a basis for establishing urban construction plans, construction plans, rural construction plans and regional infrastructure system plans. At present, Kien Giang province has 15 administrative units. To date, 11 out of 15 districts, towns and cities already had general construction plans and four localities have detailed plans.

Regarding functional construction planning, Kien Giang has five industrial parks, covering 758.15 ha, included in the Vietnam industrial zones development plan to 2015 and further to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister. Three industrial zones were approved by Provincial People’s Committee of detailed construction plans (Thanh Loc, Thuan Yen, and Xeo Ro) and two industrial zones (Tac Cau and Kien Luong II) are being zoned for development construction.

On rural construction planning, Kien Giang province has 118 communes, all of which have been approved of general construction planning. All certified new countryside communes and their administrative areas have detailed planning.

Mr. Le Quoc Anh, Director of Kien Giang Department of Construction, said, construction planning and urban planning were basically researched, appraised and approved as per the Construction Law, Urban Planning Law, decrees, circulars, national technical standards on construction planning, and national technical regulations on technical infrastructure to meet basic criteria of population, land use, social infrastructure and technical infrastructure according to approved provincial and regional planning. Most notably, Rach Gia City has promoted its role as an economic and administrative center of the province. The look of Rach Gia City has been markedly lifted with many appropriate projects.

As for rural planning, after nearly 10 years of carrying out the National Target Program on New Countryside Construction (2010-2020), the rural landscape of Kien Giang has improved significantly. The social, economic and technical infrastructure, especially the power grid, traffic network, schools, hospitals, cultural and physical facilities and irrigation works were synchronously and completely invested to meet socioeconomic development requirements and serve people's livelihoods. In new countryside construction, the province prioritizes investment in developing rural transportation systems for all mainland communes with asphalted roads to their administrative centers. Up to now, 81% of commune roads have been asphalted or concreted. This traffic system is convenient and offers easy travel for people in both rainy and sunny seasons, and helps boost production development and agricultural consumption and attract investors to rural areas.

By boosting construction planning and investing in infrastructure for residential areas and new urban areas, the urban-rural appearance of Kien Giang province has been significantly uplifted, coupled with better livelihoods of people. On May 8, 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung signed Decision 620/QD-TTg approving the Kien Giang planning in 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. This planning will be a legal tool to lead, direct, manage and unify socioeconomic development, national defense, security, integration diplomacy, a foundation for making policies and investment plans and creating motivations for production - business development, social security, safety and civilization. By 2030, Kien Giang will become a leading province and a development engine in the Mekong Delta and the whole country.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum