Sci-tech Leverages Production Development

9:28:34 AM | 17/7/2020

In the past years, the Department of Planning and Investment of Long An province has actively adopted innovative solutions and researched scientific and technological applications in all economic sectors and aspects of life to assert the role and position of science and technology in the province's socioeconomic development.

Mr. Le Quoc Dung, Director of Long An Department of Science and Technology, said, 2019 is a year of great success of science and technology. The Provincial People’s Committee issued many plans, programs and schemes, and organized conferences on bringing scientific research into production and life; and scientific and technological breakthroughs in socioeconomic development. Research tasks followed practical requirements to increase productivity and improve product quality. The typical examples include probiotic and microorganism compost applications, organic production solutions, product traceability application, economical smart irrigation application, renewable energy application, and climate change adaptation technology.

Besides, the department advised managing administering the technological level in investment projects in the province to make sure that projects use average or advanced environment-friendly, agriculture-saving green technology. Currently, the province has 16 certified science and technology enterprises, 58 collective brands and geographical indications for three key agricultural products of Long An: Chau Thanh dragon fruit, Ben Luc seedless lemon and Ben Ke yam. According to surveys, the index of technology and equipment innovation speed in Long An province-based enterprises reached 20.59% in the 2015 - 2018 period, meeting the Government's goal set forth in Decision 418/QD-TTg dated April 11, 2012.

In the coming time, under the direction of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, the Department of Science and Technology will work closely with the Department of Information and Communications, the Tan An City People’s Committee and other departments to carry out the Smart City Service Project in Tan An. This is a stepping stone to build Tan An into a smart city in the future.

The department also actively supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to apply advanced quality management systems such as 5S, ISO and Kaizen and assists businesses to join the National Quality Awards. Local enterprises won the Golden Award every year. The province’s total factor productivity (TFP) in the period of 2015-2018 also increased positively. TFP growth contributes 43.05% to GRDP growth a year on average in 2016-2018. The province also applied Industry 4.0 achievements to increase productivity, used electronic ISO, electronic reports, electronic VietGAP manuals, intelligent irrigation, remote quality monitoring, weather forecast and automatic disaster alarming.

The province also imposed intensified management of technology, intellectual property, radiation safety and quality measurement standards. The department regularly carried out inspections and examinations to prevent and handle commercial frauds, poor-quality goods, fake goods, and intellectual property infringements.

Mr. Le Quoc Dung said, “Beside the achieved results, scientific and technological research and application in the province is still confronting many difficulties. Some regulations on science and technology are inadequate; investment resources for science and technology are not enough; and technology is not upgraded in small companies. Fortunately, along with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and provincial leaders, in the coming time, the science and technology sector will overcome difficulties to further apply science and technology to create momentums for production development.”

In addition, to come up with Technology 4.0 requirements, the sector will focus on digitizing management data, applying information technology to mine digital data for forecast and policymaking. The support for technological innovation, equipment automation and AI application to forecast dragon fruit output and key agricultural products will help improve labor productivity, product quality, market stability and international integration.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum