Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority Promoting Bridging Role in Investment Attraction

11:28:38 AM | 29/7/2020

Focusing on infrastructure development in economic and industrial zones and creating momentum for further investment attraction are defined by Quang Binh province as important tasks to speed up local economic restructuring, enhance local competitiveness and tap local potential and strengths. Mr. Pham Tien Duat, Deputy Director of the Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority, shared this content. Ngoc Tung reports.

What do you think about the development and performance of economic and industrial parks in Quang Binh province in the past time?

After more than 30 years since re-establishment, Quang Binh province’s social and economic performance has improved substantially. The economic structure has shifted towards a desired pattern where the share of industry, construction and services is rising and the share of agriculture and forestry is declining. This achievement has been significantly contributed by effective performance of local industrial zones and economic zones.

To date, Quang Binh province got approval from the Government of Vietnam for establishing two economic zones and eight industrial parks which are built in favorable geographical positions with high competitive values; closely linked with the East-West Economic Corridor and connected with other economic zones in the region.

Hon La Economic Zone is a well-positioned coastal economic zone situated in South Ha Tinh - North Quang Binh key economic region. Hon La deep-water seaport is convenient for the development of logistics services and international goods transshipment through the East-West Economic Corridor that interlinks Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The National Highway 1A is an important advantage to enhance the competitive value of Hon La Economic Zone.

Cha Lo Border Gate Economic Zone is the economic and urban center of the west of Quang Binh province, linked to the economic corridor of National Highway 12A and the economic corridor along Ho Chi Minh Road and Hon La Economic Zone. This is a hub for transshipment, import and export of goods and a service center of Quang Binh province with countries such as Laos and Thailand, and ensures the connectivity and cooperation with regional economic zones such as Lao Bao, Cau Treo and Vung Ang.

Besides, eight industrial parks are distributed throughout the province with a total area of over 2,000 ha. They are located near input sources and North - South arterial traffic routes, thereby facilitating investors to easily transport and circulate goods.

Currently, local economic and industrial zones have attracted 143 projects with a total registered capital of over VND56 trillion (US$2.4 billion). In 2015 - 2020, the value of industrial production and services reached VND14,935 billion, an increase of 77% over the 2010 - 2015 period; and the export value was VND7,718 billion, up 125%. Cargo throughput at Hon La Port was 6,596 tons, up 65% over the 2010 - 2015 period. The State Budget collected VND1,241 billion from local economic and industrial zones, up 180%. The trade value across Cha Lo International Border Gate was US$9.15 billion, up 60% over the 2010 - 2015 period, the biggest trade value of border gate trade with Laos.

How has the Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority focused on investing, repairing and managing infrastructure in economic and industrial zones to ensure the performance of tenants and attract more investors?

From the central and local budget, Quang Binh has strengthened synchronous infrastructure construction and upgraded economic and industrial zones.

In particular, the authority particularly focuses on carrying out essential projects, gradually completing basic infrastructure systems such as traffic, water supply and drainage, power grid, freight transshipment and inspection to serve investment attraction and commercial activity across border gates. The authority also directed the Economic Infrastructure Management Company to regularly maintain and repair infrastructure systems in economic zones and industrial parks, as well as regularly monitor and solve infrastructure problems with tenants.

The authority pays attention to water supply, the lighting system for manufacturing and business activity, and environmental sanitation. It takes care of gardens and ornamental plants to create a beautiful and clean green environment in economic zones and industrial parks. It strengthens inspection and protection of landscape and transport infrastructure for construction companies in economic zones and industrial parks; and coordinates with relevant agencies and units to ensure security, order, and environmental sanitation.

How has the Quang Binh Economic Zone Authority accompanied and assisted tenants and diversified the form of investment promotion?

In the past years, the authority has always focused firmly on administrative procedure reform; reviewed and advised the Provincial People's Committee to remove unnecessary administrative procedures. A majority of administrative procedures are carried out through the single-window mechanism, which helps reduce the time to settle procedures. Public servants are always thoughtful and enthusiastic to guide investors. The authority is always highly praised by the Provincial People's Committee for administrative reform and often ranked first to this effect among State agencies in the province.

Currently, the authority has built a database and updated information on investment laws; searched for investor information; and introduced projects in economic zones and industrial parks to domestic and foreign partners. It will continue to consolidate, renovate and upgrade the website, regularly update news articles, make reports and organize seminars to introduce local potential strengths of local economic zones and industrial parks.

The authority has concentrated on persuading existing investors to invite and recommend others to the province, enhancing the support capacity of public employees for organizations and individuals; and carrying out domestic and foreign investment promotion to draw capable investors. It has continued to coordinate closely with related agencies to support investors when they carry out investment procedures, construct and run their projects.

The authority cooperated with relevant departments, agencies and localities to advise the Provincial Standing Party Committee to issue Resolution 07-NQ/TU dated July 25, 2019, on accelerated development of Hon La Economic Zone and Cha Lo Border Gate Economic Zone aligned with the economic corridor along the National Highway 12A to 2025, with a vision to 2030. This is a specialized resolution on breakthrough development of economic zones to further enhance and promote the development of economic zones in Quang Binh province.

Accordingly, the province will plan to concentrate resources to build synchronous and modern facilities and infrastructure for economic zones and introduce dynamic development policies and mechanisms with favorable business environment to develop industries, trade and services.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum