Thanh An JSC: 20 Years of Branding

1:56:02 PM | 8/5/2020

In the past 20 years, Thanh An Joint Stock Company has constantly grown up and affirmed its brand name in the construction field, especially in transport and watering construction.

The company was formerly Thanh An Co., Ltd, established in 1999 and engaged in civil construction and inter-village road construction. To enhance its business operations, improve competitiveness and reach out to other areas, in 2006, the company transformed its operating model into a joint stock company engaged in various industries. From its accumulated experience and competence, the firm has gradually approached large-scale projects of civil engineering, road and bridge construction, irrigation, ground leveling, trading and electricity business.

Mr. Vo Manh Linh, Deputy Director of Thanh An Joint Stock Company, said, at first, the company faced a lot of difficulty in experience, personnel, equipment and capital. However, with the solidarity and relentless effort of all the staff and the firm leadership of the management board, the company has gradually surmounted all hardships, affirmed its strong brand in the market, and become a trusted partner.

After 20 years of development, with the support and companionship of all levels of government, from provincial to district levels, the assistance of relevant departments and agencies in the province, Thanh An Joint Stock Company has completed and put into operation hundreds of projects. Important projects include Tan Kim reservoir in Cam Lo district; the upgrading of main dams, sluice gates, roads and electric network of La Nga system in Vinh Linh district; Thach Kim - Hien Hoa road in Vinh Linh district; expanded National Highway 1 in Quang Tri province; working office of Quang Tri Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Cua Tung border guard station and many other projects. All the projects undertaken by Thanh An are always appreciated by the investors for progress and quality.

Moreover, after many years of successful operation in the construction industry, the company has accumulated a lot of experience and resources. Grasping local social and economic development orientations, Thanh An Joint Stock Company has actively expanded its business into electricity production, transmission and distribution. This approach is highly appreciated by all levels and sectors of Quang Tri province.

La To Hydropower Project, invested by Thanh An Joint Stock Company, is a 12.6-MW small-sized two-turbine project that costs over VND400 billion of investment capital and has a designed output capacity of 41.41 million kWh of electricity a year. The project is located on an 11.7 ha site in La To village, Huc Nghi commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province. Once completed, the project will help increase State budget revenue and reduce energy shortage.

Based on the profound experience of its united professional staff and on anticipated difficulties, in 2020, the company leadership has adopted solutions on renovation and restructuring to optimize operations; further developed capable, qualified, experienced and skilled human resources; applied methodical construction methods, professional management system and modern construction equipment to improve work efficiency, increase labor productivity, and ensure good livelihoods for employees. The company has stably maintained its basic construction business, especially infrastructure, transport and irrigation construction.

In addition, in the long term, the company will tap wind resources to produce clean, non-polluting electricity to create more motivation for social and economic development of Quang Tri province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum