Viet Hong Chinh Trading Import - Export JSC: Extended Arm for Famous Brands

2:16:53 PM | 7/5/2020

In three decades of development, Viet Hong Chinh Trading Import - Export Joint Stock Company has affirmed its leading position and served as an extended arm for famous brands of electric bicycles, vehicles and parts in the central region.

General Director Nguyen Truong Chinh said, in the early 1990s, bicycles were the main means of transport and the considerable asset of every family. Later, motorcycles became more popular. It was quite difficult to own a vehicle and even more difficult to maintain and repair it because of the shortage of spare parts and equipment.

Grasping this, he decided to open a motorcycle and bicycle store in Dong Ha town, which mainly imported spare parts from large domestic and foreign manufacturers to supply to local customers. Assured product quality and reasonable prices made the store a reliable address for local customers. As a result, his business gradually expanded to other areas in the province and many provinces and cities in the central region. To meet development needs, in 2008, Viet Hong Chinh Trading Import - Export Joint Stock Company was established and expanded import business in foreign markets. Its business involves manufacturing and assembling bicycles and electric bicycles.

With the consistent approach and methodology, Viet Hong Chinh has gradually strengthened solid steps and affirmed its prestige and capacity in the market. In recent years, the company has always maintained stable production and business, fetching annual revenue of over VND100 billion and generating well-paid jobs for 50-60 employees. At present, in addition to showrooms in Dong Ha City and Quang Tri Town, the company has more than 350 sales agents nationwide. In the central region, Viet Hong Chinh is known as a professional distributor for world-renowned manufacturers of motorcycle, electric bicycle and 50cc motorbike parts. While supplying 260 VHC-branded motorcycle parts of its own, the company also assembles and supplies 20 VIHOCHI bicycle models that have been registered for copyright with authorities and are favored by customers.

With the business philosophy “Sell what customers need rather than what the company has”, Viet Hong Chinh has always strived to improve its professionalism, promoted its role as an extended arm for famous brands, carefully chosen brands for business cooperation to ensure best quality and clear origin of products, and reduced costs to provide customers with professional services and best products at the lowest price.

With its contributions to local social and economic development, the company was honorably awarded Certificates of Merit by the Prime Minister, and the Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee. The firm has also won other titles like Vietnam Gold Business Award, among many others. For General Director Nguyen Truong Chinh, business is not only a career but also a passion. “Currently, my whole family is working together to make Viet Hong Chinh stronger and stronger. That is the biggest reward for me,” he said.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum