Prestige and Position Asserted

2:15:48 PM | 7/5/2020

Set up in 2011, No. 8 General Construction Co., Ltd is engaged in building houses, roads and public works; installing electrical systems, water supply and drainage systems; preparing construction surfaces; transporting goods; and exploiting commercial wood. After nine years of development, the company has won customer trust and increasingly asserted its position in all the industries it is involved in.

To be successful in the increasingly fierce market competition and meet rising market demands, the company has built its own strategy, with a focus placed on investment in human resources, improved employee qualifications, modern machinery and equipment for business operations, and application of scientific and technical advances to construction. Driven by “Prestige - Quality - Progress” criteria, the company is committed to completing all projects with guaranteed quality and schedule and handing them to investors on time or ahead of schedule.

This success therefore enables the company to build a solid foundation to further develop sustainably and contribute positively to the prosperous economic development of Quang Tri province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum