Quang Tri Mineral JSC: Business Development Aligned with Environmental Protection

2:10:45 PM | 7/5/2020

As one of leading mineral producers and processors in Quang Tri province, Quang Tri Mineral Joint Stock Company has boldly invested in expanding production, technological innovation and advanced scientific application to improve business performance, protect the environment, and effectively extract and conserve natural resources.

Formerly Vinh Linh Mechanical Enterprise, the company was transformed into a joint stock company in 2000. Quang Tri Mineral Joint Stock Company is engaged in mining and processing minerals, and manufacturing building materials.

Mr. Le Vinh Thieu, Director of Quang Tri Mineral Joint Stock Company, said, following the government-directed policy on downstream processing, Quang Tri Mineral Joint Stock Company invested in intensive processing factories that meet export criteria for minerals, including a reconstituted Ilmenite factory, an ultrafine Zircon grinding factory and a rutile processing factory. At the same time, the company focuses on training to improve employee qualifications, recruiting skilled and experienced workers, enabling it to quickly catch up with advanced mining and processing technologies to save production costs, improve product quality, competitiveness and market adoption.

With the right business strategy, employee solidarity and excellent leadership, the company has gradually overcome difficulties to affirm its solid brand in the market and become a reliable partner of many domestic and international customers. In 2019, the company earned a total revenue of VND359 billion, reported export value of VND101 billion and employed over 500 workers with pay averaging VND5 million per month.

In addition, the Quang Tri Mineral Joint Stock Company has paid special attention to full compliance with the Mineral Law and the Law on Environmental Protection. With the motto of “Business development aligned with environmental protection", after extracting minerals in backland areas, the company has planted trees to restore the environment under the environmental rehabilitation and restoration plan approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

In exploiting titanium placer deposits, waste sand forms a source of solid waste affecting the ecological environment. In order to solve this problem, the company has established an investment project for processing sand molds and superfine sand grinding which was highly applauded by local authorities and people. Licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment under Decision 773/QD-BTNMT dated April 7, 2016, quartz sand, with a yearly output of 428,000 tons, is an input for the project. Silica sand is a downstream product exported to Japan and South Korea and supplied to local industrial factories.

After land restoration is completed, the site has faded white sand, which can only grow forest trees with low productivity and economy. The company has restored land and invested in a synchronous irrigation system for over 20 ha to plant agricultural crops to improve the efficiency of land use, create more jobs for local laborers and increase products for society. After its tests, the company selected crops suitable with the local climate and soil, and successfully cultivated many watermelon crops. Agricultural revenue reached over VND100 million each harvest season.

Due to emerging production and consumption hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has proposed many reasonable solutions to regulate production, economize to lower product costs, improve production performance and seek more markets. The company has worked hard to overcome difficulties and challenges, maintain stable production and business activities, create jobs, increase incomes for its staff, and fulfil its obligations to the State Budget.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum