Tin Nghia Corp.: 31-Year Branding

9:41:31 AM | 9/9/2020

Tin Nghia Corporation, set up more than 30 years ago, has grown from a small business to a giant corporation thanks to breakthrough innovations. The corporation currently has 13 subsidiaries, five associated companies and three affiliated units.

With its efforts and achievements in business, Tin Nghia Corporation has made great contributions to socioeconomic development of Dong Nai province and the industrialization and modernization process of the country. For many consecutive years, the corporation has been ranked Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam. The firm excel in all key business fields like investment in and commercial infrastructure operation in industrial parks, petroleum trading, trading and processing of agricultural products, port and warehousing services, multimodal transportation and logistics.

Business resilience

• Industrial estates

In 1997, Tin Nghia started getting involved in industrial park infrastructure development and the firm has invested in and operated eight industrial parks in Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau provinces, covering a total area of 3,500 ha. Currently, Tin Nghia industrial parks is housing more than 280 companies which have registered to invest US$6.5 billion and employed more than 150,000 workers.

In 2011, Tin Nghia invested and traded in Japanese-standard factories for rent with a total area of 18 ha, which have been hired by 50 businesses which have registered to invest nearly US$50 million, of which 30 are Japanese and the rest are from South Korea and European countries. In the future, the factory area will become the "Japanese Business Village" where the majority of Japanese customers come to invest in production development.

In the coming time, Tin Nghia will further improve industrial park infrastructure and attract more investors. At the same time, the corporation will expand its fully leased industrial parks, utilize the economy of scale and reduce costs; build industrial parks together with adjacent residential areas, green parks and markets. The firm will focus on developing new products and services: Factories for rent in industrial parks, shophouses, offices for lease in commercial and service areas, and other services for investors. It will provide full-service services for investors in industrial parks from establishment to operation.

• Petroleum and oil trading

In the petroleum business, starting with only one filling station in 1999, Tin Nghia has now become a leading petroleum retailer in Dong Nai province with more than 50 stations. The business motto of “Right quality, sufficient quantity and civilized courtesy” has created the prestige of Tin Nghia petroleum brand, which is highly appreciated by consumers. In order to further promote its strength in this business, Tin Nghia Corporation is carrying out an investment project to build Phu Huu Petroleum Depot with a capacity of 180,000 tons and a 20-ha wharf that can accommodate ships of 40,000 tons in Phu Huu commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province.

On May 21, 2019, Tin Nghia Corporation was granted a license for petroleum import and export by the Ministry of Industry and Trade under Decision 28/GPXD-BCT, becoming a first wholesaler that directly imports petroleum in Dong Nai province. This is an important turning point for the corporation's sustainable petroleum development, creates a premise for the entire development of Tin Nghia petroleum system. Its petroleum import will help increase incomes for local State budget revenue in the coming time.

• Importing and exporting, processing coffee and agricultural products

In the export business, Tin Nghia Corporation has grown its footprint in the coffee market for nearly 30 years. For many consecutive years to date, Tin Nghia is in the Top 5 coffee exporters in Vietnam. Since 2003, the firm has been recognized as a reputable exporter of Vietnam by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In 2018, Tin Nghia inaugurated and operated the instant coffee processing factory with an annual capacity of 3,200 tons in the first phase and 10,000 tons a year in the second phase. Costing about US$100 million, the facility is powered by cutting-edge technology and equipment. Its main products are roasted ground coffee and instant coffee, especially instant coffee treated by frozen dried technology. Most products will be exported to North America, Europe and some Asia Pacific countries.

• Port, warehousing, multimodal transportation and logistics services

Logistics is also the main field of activity of Tin Nghia Corporation, delivered since 1999. With vast warehouses (including bonded warehouse), with a strong fleet of vehicles and a force of highly trained and experienced employees, Tin Nghia provides a full range of package logistics services, including port - warehouse services, multimodal transport and logistics in the province and the southern key economic region.

Currently, the Corporation is carrying a warehouse system and clearance depot expansion project in Nhon Trach, building Phu Huu General Port and Service - Trade - Logistics Area, expanding air logistics services, express delivery service for e-commerce, including air freight and warehousing services to meet all demands of customers who always feel most satisfied because of cost and time optimization.

International trade opportunities

In 2007, Tin Nghia Corporation expanded production, business and investment areas in Lao PDR. Currently, the corporation is growing and trading coffee in Paksong district in Champasak province, located on the Bolaven plateau, 1,100 meters above sea level, where soil and climate are suitable for growing Arabica coffee. This places produces 99% of coffee in Lao PDR. Therefore, Paksong district has all conditions to invest in developing specialized coffee growing areas. In Bolaven Plateau, Tin Nghia established a 500-ha Catimor coffee growing farm in Chansavang village, Paksong district.

The activities that Tin Nghia has done are always tied to the motto of prestige in business ways and quality in each service and product. The firm always places customer and partner satisfaction first. Needless to say, Tin Nghia's success comes from its good governance and management capacity, right development strategies and the solidarity and determination of employees. These important internal forces help Tin Nghia overcome challenges and difficulties on the path of integration and development and contribute to the cause of national industrialization and modernization.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum