Efforts for Better Business Environment

10:23:09 AM | 6/1/2020

Gia Lai province has actively directed all levels of government and sectors to enforce Party and State policies on improving the business environment and enhancing competitiveness in the past years.

Every year, Gia Lai province introduces action plans to execute Resolution 19/NQ-CP and Resolution 35/NQ-CP. Accordingly, it specifically directs provincial agencies and district-level People's Committees, within their jurisdiction, to carry out their functions and tasks to realize all predetermined indicators. On that basis, authorities and localities developed specific plans for each locality and field.

Over the past three years, all levels of authority and sectors have made great efforts to improve the business and investment environment and increase the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI). According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gia Lai province’s PCI reached 57.42 points, ranked No. 46 out of 63 provinces and cities, and ranked third in the Central Highlands region in 2016. In 2017, its PCI climbed to 60.91 points to secure No. 43 position in the county and No. 3 in the Central Highlands. In 2018, its PCI jumped to 63.08 points to rank No. 33 in the country (10 places higher over 2017) and No. 2 in the Central Highlands (after Lam Dong, ranked No. 27 and before Dak Lak ranked No. 40, Kon Tum at No. 59 and Dak Nong at No. 63).

Every year, Gia Lai province hosts a meeting to analyze its PCI performance to figure out causes and define responsibility of organizations and individuals relating to the increase and decrease of 10 component sub-indices. Then, the province works out an action plan for better PCI performance in the following years, and assign agencies to lead PCI improvement. Based on their assigned tasks, they will actively build specific action plans for their own; thoroughly inform all employees in order to raise the awareness of each employee, to improve the business environment and ensure the fulfillment of their assigned tasks.

The Provincial People’s Committee also introduced the Department and District Competitiveness Index (DDCI) to keep close track of top concerns of enterprises to change the approach to social management at all levels of authority, branches and localities to make the business climate more attractive and the competitiveness sharper to entice more investors to the province. Most importantly, the province will provide the best conditions for local companies to pursue sustainable development.

Executing Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 1, 2019 of the Government on continued implementation of key tasks and solutions for better business environment and stronger national competitiveness in 2019 and to 2021, in early 2019, the Gia Lai Provincial People’s Committee issued Official Letter 250/UBND-KTTH dated January 28, 2019. The committee asked all provincial departments and local authorities to inform all public servants, workers and companies of purposes, requirements, solutions and tasks specified in such documents as Resolution 19/NQ-CP on implementation of main tasks and solutions for better business environment and stronger national competitiveness; Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 1, 2019 of the Government; Resolution 02-NQ/TU dated July 1, 2016 of the Provincial Party Committee on reforming administrative procedures, improving the business environment and sharpening competitiveness of Gia Lai province in 2016-2020; and Plan 1147/KH-UBND dated May 31, 2018 of the Provincial People’s Committee on implementation of the Government Resolution 19-2018/NQ-CP. At the same time, the province adopted solutions to raise the sense of responsibility of public employees and assign the work of improving the business environment and edging up competitiveness as a key and priority task.

Nguyen Hoang ( (Vietnam Business Forum)