Cai Lay Town Western Urban Center of

10:26:29 AM | 27/11/2020

As an urban and economic center in the western part of Tien Giang province, Cai Lay Town has made transformational progress in rural and urban development. With a high consensus, the Party, authorities and people of the town are joining hands to have a beautiful urban face and create a new spirit for Cai Lay on the way of integration and development.

New look

After more than seven years of being a town and five years of being a third-grade urban area, starting with a low economic level and a limited urban infrastructure, with the determination of the Party and authorities at all levels and the support of provincial authorities, Cai Lay Town achieved significant progress of socioeconomic development, urban construction and development.

Medical and educational facilities were upgraded. Cultural institutions and sports facilities were built and upgraded to meet people’s needs. Commercial and service facilities were built and developed with 13 traditional markets, Co-op Cai Lay supermarkets, Dien May Xanh supermarkets, Cho Lon consumer electronics supermarket, Thegioididong supermarkets, FPTShop retail electronics stores and Bach Hoa Xanh general stores to meet local consumer demand.

In addition, traffic infrastructure was invested and uplifted. Typical projects include Trung Luong - My Thuan Expressway, a support road for National Highway 1, a support road for Provincial Road 868, District Road 60, and western embankment of Ba Rai River.

In addition to making Cai Lay Town a third-class urban area, since 2011, the Party Committee, the government and the people of the town have made great efforts to give a facelift to the countryside where the socioeconomic infrastructure was upgraded to narrow the gap with urban areas to raise the people's material and spiritual life. Up to now, Cai Lay Town was recognized by the Ministry of Construction as a third-grade urban area. The Prime Minister recognized Cai Lay Town as completing the new rural development mission by 2020.

Mr. Tran Van Thuc, Chairman of the Cai Lay People's Committee, said, the town basically completed the Resolution 09-NQ/TU dated March 22, 2017 of Tien Giang Provincial Party Committee on Cai Lay third-grade urban construction and development to 2020, the Resolution 10-NQ/TU dated April 5, 2017 of Tien Giang Provincial Party Committee on Tien Giang third-grade economic and urban development to 2020 and further to 2030. Cai Lay gradually developed to match its role as a central urban area of the region, creating a driving force for extensive development and connecting urban development in the west of Tien Giang province.

Focused investment attraction

In order to successfully realize socioeconomic development tasks set for 2020 and the following years, Cai Lay Town will define investment attraction as one of important breakthrough solutions to local socioeconomic development in order to accelerate growth and economic restructuring.

Based on its advantages, the town will focus on commercial agricultural development, and effectively carry out the agricultural restructuring scheme and new countryside construction program. The town is proposing to the provincial government to approve a list of 11 investment projects calling for more than VND2,350 billion. Trade - service - tourism projects include a water park and playground for children in Cai Lay Town, My Khanh commercial residential area, My Phu commercial residential area, My Loi commercial residential area, Tan Hoi market and commercial area, and Cala serviced business center. Industrial and handicraft projects consist of My Phuoc Tay industrial cluster, wastewater treatment facility and various traffic routes.

The town will provide all favorable conditions for investors and enterprises to do business and invest in the locality; establish an investor and enterprise support team; and support investors to deal with land acquisition for their projects. In addition, the town will actively reform its administration from administrative command to service administration. At the same time, it will launch localized investment promotion plans which focus on persuading existing investors to call new investors to the town.

Chairman Thuc affirmed that, by adopting consistent solutions, Cai Lay Town hopes to create significant changes and positive impacts on socioeconomic development and create a new vitality to attract investment capital from many businesses. Completed and operational projects will create jobs for local workers, increase budget revenue and promote economic restructuring to increase the share of industry and handicraft, trade and service to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum