Thai Nguyen Transportation Joint Stock Company: Gradual Transformation

9:58:23 AM | 4/12/2020

In recent years, although the economy has experienced many fluctuations, Thai Nguyen Transportation Joint Stock Company has still affirmed its position as one of the leading companies in road transportation business and transportation services in the province. In 2019, the company continued to deploy many new projects to expand production and business to increase its revenue, increase income for employees and contribute to the overall economic development of the province.

With the desire to build a modern, civilized and friendly automatic bus station model and create convenience for people and businesses, in 2016, Thai Nguyen Transportation Joint Stock Company implemented the Project on building a central bus station of Thai Nguyen city. After nearly four years in operation, Thai Nguyen city’s central bus station has really become a bright spot in the passenger transport sector of Thai Nguyen province in particular and the country in general.

Currently, the process of operation of Thai Nguyen city’s central bus station requires almost no human intervention. Incoming vehicles need to swipe cards at the entrance; the system will take photos of license plates, save information about entry time of the vehicle. If the bus is not eligible to enter the station, the system does not raise the barrier, the staff will ask the bus to repeat the entry procedure. After entering the station, it is allowed to park at the lot and sell tickets in the station. After that, the bus will make the payment and when the payment is completed, an order to leave the station will be issued. At this time, the bus will swipe its card at the exit, the barrier is raised to let it pass.

This is a modern, civilized, friendly, simple and effective automatic bus station management system in financial management that helps improve labor productivity, increase transparency, create convenience for people and businesses. Since its operation, the bus station has applied information technology, reformed administrative procedures towards the development of electronic technology applications. This is an inevitable trend, a popular modern bus station model in the world.

In addition to the modern terminal system, the company has introduced a number of policies to support legal procedures such as opening a new route, exempting from the 3-month toll collection time and then 50% reduction in terminal charges in the next three months. These have encouraged investors and transport units to invest in vehicles, improve production and business efficiency firstly for the bus station, and then serve the transport business and the people. Currently, the number of vehicles registered to operate reaches 608, the number of vehicles entering and leaving the station is 450 vehicles per day/night, and they travel to 33 provinces and cities nationwide. With a commensurate investment in scale and modern technology, the bus station meets the needs of road passenger transportation in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Following the success of Thai Nguyen city’s central bus station, in May 2018, the company inaugurated the bus interchange point - Thai Nguyen city’s central bus station, with an area of 3,874 square meters with a total investment of VND4.5 billion, including the following items: Bus office building; waiting room; yard and parking area. This is the point where various types of transportation businesses share passengers to make transport activities become synchronous and convenient.

Together with Thai Nguyen city’s central bus station, the bus interchange point meets the current transport demand, helping the business efficiency of transportation enterprises increase and the people’s travel become less costly, safer, and minimizes accidents and traffic congestion in Thai Nguyen city. At the same time, it will meet the development needs in the future and create an emphasis on urban architecture for Thai Nguyen city.

It is known that this is a multi-purpose transfer station that transport enterprises feel excited to participate in, so far all bus vehicles in the province have passed the transfer station. The company hopes it can coordinate with the local government departments and sectors to manage and exploit it the most effectively in order to serve the people and businesses involved.

On June 12, 2020, Thai Nguyen Transportation Joint Stock Company organized the opening of the Motor Vehicle Registration Center 20-06D. The company spent more than VND10 billion to build the Motor Vehicle Registration Center 20-06D according to QCVN 103: 2019/BGTVT with an area of over 2,600 m2. After nearly six months of construction, the center has been completed and put into operation with two registration lines equipped with modern European standards, and a capacity for 140 vehicles/day. The operation criterion of the center is to ensure the prestige, honesty of the registry quality and the fast and convenient service quality.

In 2020, the company has been promoting production and business, continuing to expand the scale of routes, keeping customers stable, and focusing on promoting the development of production, business, and building a sustainable development company brand with the slogan "Order - Civilized - Friendly Bus Station". At the same time, the company aims to strongly develop the type of inter-province bus; develop high-quality expressway routes to shorten travel time; invest in the construction of bus stations in districts of Dai Tu, Pho Yen and Phu Binh; and expand the system of petrol stations at advantageous points of business.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum