Efforts to Improve Administrative Procedures

10:42:34 AM | 27/4/2021

Over the past years, the Department of Construction of Tay Ninh has focused on reforming administrative procedures and improving service quality and staff attitude to raise the satisfaction of people and businesses, and improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Tay Ninh.

Raising satisfaction with administrative procedures

Reforming administrative procedures is an important task to improve public service delivery and give convenience to people and businesses. Every year, the Department of Construction of Tay Ninh province regularly reviews all administrative procedures to promptly advise the Provincial People's Committee to announce the list of administrative procedures under its jurisdiction, as well as internal processes and electronic processes for settling administrative procedures under its jurisdiction. At the same time, the department publicizes administrative procedures at working offices, public administration centers and its website. Currently, administrative procedures provided by the Department of Construction at the Provincial Public Administration Center are 42 at the provincial level, and eight at the district level.

Every year, the department advises and submits many solutions to the Provincial People's Committee to reduce the time needed to resolve administrative procedures as well as simplify the order of settling administrative procedures it provides. To date, 23 out of 42 administrative procedures (at the provincial level) and four out of eight administrative procedures (at district level) have achieved shorter completion times. Typically, the time for processing, appraising and approving construction designs and permits was reduced from 82 days to a maximum of 63 days (19 days fewer) according to the World Bank’s report in 2017. Specifically, the time of appraising a basic design is reduced to at least five days, appraising technical design or construction drawing designs to at least four days and granting construction permit to at least 10 days. In case these procedures are provided by the same agency, the time may be further rationalized to make sure that the total time needed for these three procedures is 19 days as per the Prime Minister’s Directive 08/CT-TTg dated March 13, 2018.

The Department of Construction has to date provided 100% of administrative procedures (Category 4) under its jurisdiction through online public service portals (according to Decision 2768/QD-UBND dated November 11, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee), 100% of administrative procedures performed at the Provincial Public Administration Center, and 100% of administrative procedures are connected to the National Public Service Portal.

All the staff of the Tay Ninh Department of Construction always uphold the working principle: “People and businesses are the center of service; the satisfaction of people and businesses is a measure of service quality and complaint settlement. To step up the implementation of the interconnected single-window mechanism at the provincial Public Administration Center and focus on improving the effect of handling administrative procedures through the IT application.”

The clearest evidence is that the high public and business satisfaction with the settlement of administrative procedures in the construction industry at the Tay Ninh Public Administration Center, according to surveys. Specifically, the satisfaction reached 90.1% in 2020 (satisfied and very satisfied) and 100% in the first three months of 2021 (satisfied and very satisfied). This performance has helped raise the practical effect of administration reform and competitiveness improvement of the province.

Strengthening business companionship and support

In the past time, Tay Ninh province has made continuous efforts to improve the investment environment; reviewed, revised, supplemented and publicly announced projects on industry planning, urban development planning, industrial zone planning, and residential area planning to attract investors.

Besides, the province has increased dialogues with investors to promptly help them deal with existing and emerging difficulties in business, especially procedures concerning investment certification, investment registration and land lease. Tay Ninh has effectively implemented the single-window mechanism for investment and business registration. Mr. Tran Tuong Quoc, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction of Tay Ninh, said, to promote its achievements of improving the investment and business environment and raising the PCI, in the coming time, the construction sector will continue to adopt solutions to enhance facilitation, efficiency and satisfaction of people and businesses.

On March 23, at the 20th meeting session, the Tay Ninh Provincial People's Council (9th term) issued a resolution approving the urban classification scheme and proposed the Prime Minister to recognize Tay Ninh City as a second-grade provincial governed city. This is the result of the efforts of all levels and sectors of the province, including the Department of Construction.

The department will bring more administrative procedures within its authority to online public service portals, assigned Category 4, by further informing and encouraging submission of administrative procedures and reception of settlement results via postal services; further review and simplify administrative procedures to reduce the time required for administrative procedure settlement.

The department will also join meetings and dialogues with people and businesses (in person, via Zalo application and other forms) to remove difficulties and problems faced by people and businesses; promptly implement new legal documents; and make approved planning projects public to people and businesses.

“The department will work with relevant units to maintain and strengthen measures to control the quality of designs, construction quality, and capacity of constructers; and solve problems faced by enterprises in executing construction permits and other administrative procedures under the authority of the department,” he affirmed.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum