TWG: The Path to Sustainability Values

9:48:25 AM | 17/7/2020

Growing business amid fierce competition and constantly changing market, Technical World Group (TWG) always has an unshakeable belief in its path of scaling up operations based on the reputation of product and service quality and ongoing efforts to create more innovative values for the community and society.

From the vision “Kindness is an essential foundation” …

Being a geotechnical engineer, TWG General Director Le Cao Minh started his business career - construction consultancy - in 2006 with the Technical World group brand. Staffed by enthusiastic, dedicated and responsible young engineers, TWG has continuously received invitations to join bids for important transport, aviation, port, irrigation, civil and industrial construction projects across the country. Typical projects include metro lines in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, National Assembly Building, highways, Lot B-O Mon gas pipeline, water environment improvement project in Ho Chi Minh City, geological survey project in Blue Whale field in Quang Nam province. Every completed TWG project is highly appreciated by experts.

In all industries it involved, TWG always aims to become a socially responsible enterprise and takes the quality of prestigious products and services as a guideline in all business activities. Not only simply building infrastructure, TWG also deeply involved in operating processes to optimize and benefit the TWGers ecosystem and develop the social service infrastructure system to improve life quality in such aspects as housing, education and health in localities where TWG is present. This is also the role of TWG in making practical and sustainable values for the community.

According to General Director Le Cao Minh, that success stems from the core values that TWGers have built and nurtured: Integrity, responsibility, solidarity, positive thinking and harmonization of interests for all parties and readiness to go beyond the comfort zone to reach new highs. So after more than 14 years of construction and development, TWG has always been the first choice when customers want to find a worthy, reliable partner to create quality and safe constructions. This creates a greater motivation for TWG to confidently make inroads into strategic and sustainable sectors such as renewable energy, education, construction, and hospital.

... to the ambition to bring practical values to the community

Desiring to create practical values for the community, TWG has focused on development in two specific areas: health and education.

In education, TWG believes that a right education choice for children from first steps will not only benefit their future and their family but also create sustainable values for society. Therefore, TWG chooses preschool education as a cornerstone for the start in this field. Since the end of 2013, TWG has built a chain of 11 kindergartens and primary schools as well as foreign language and gifted education centers in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces where more than 2,000 students are studying. The Golden Beehive-branded preschools have gradually become familiar and trusted by parents.

In health investment, from the success of building C Building - Hoan My Da Nang Hospital in 2018, TWG continued to build and operate similar projects like Long An Pediatric Hospital, Hoan My Western Hospital, Saigon International Hospital (District 3) and Vinh Long Pediatric Hospital.

Particularly for Long An Pediatric Hospital, this is the first milestone marking the presence of TWG in medical operation, and the premise for gradually transforming health socialization model. TWG aims to do more than it has committed to bring world-standard healthcare, not only for people in Long An province and the Mekong Delta region but also other provinces all over the country in line with French AP-HP design, management and operation standards. The company also operates a cancer treatment center in cooperation with OncoCare (Singapore), a sleep measurement center with Metran, owned by inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc. At Long An Maternity Hospital, people will have the chance to experience a 4.0 hospital where they will receive effective treatment for both inpatients and outpatients. This enables the hospital to reform administrative procedures, improve the utility quality for both medical staffs and patients.

“Always ready to learn, listen and expand international cooperation, TWG always strives to find partners to jointly carry out economic and social projects. We are the specialist in construction consultancy, construction inspection, construction, real estate, renewable energy, education and healthcare which support together to develop”.

Le Cao Minh, TWG General Director

Besides, Long An Pediatric Hospital serves 70% of medical demand for patients with health insurance. The hospital helps people with better healthcare, eases the workload for higher-level hospitals. Patients do not need to go to other countries such as Singapore and Japan to have good treatment, especially when travelling is difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharing on this important project, General Director Le Cao Minh said, “With Long An Pediatric Hospital, we have invested in 100% of the latest medical equipment made by world-leading brands such as Philips, Beckman Coulter and GE and signed agreements on professional cooperation with leading obstetrics and pediatrics hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City such as Tu Du Hospital, Hung Vuong Hospital, Nhi Dong 1 Hospital and HCM City Nhi Dong Hospital to develop a strong force of doctors, technicians, midwives, skilled, experienced professional nurses. People can have access to high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost. The hospital helps them optimize the time and improve treatment effect. Most importantly, it is also valuable to TWG's mission of developing social service infrastructure, improving life quality of people and generating practical values for the community as we have pursued for over 14 years.”

Mr. Le Cao Minh added, when Vietnam joined the global playing field, TWG wants to be one of domestic multi-sector companies and each sector has the complementarity and support for each other in the TWGers ecosystem expected to thrive in 2025. “We do not directly confront foreign capital but join forces to bring better healthcare opportunities to Vietnamese people,” he stressed.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum