Tay Do Long An Materials JSC - The Company of Farmers

9:44:28 AM | 17/7/2020

After nearly 15 years of construction and development, Tay Do-branded fertilizers and pesticides are considered the “Company of Farmers” trusted by farmers all over the country.

Manufacturing, bottling, packaging, distributing and trading fertilizers and pesticides, Tay Do Long An Materials Joint Stock Company chose to make affordable quality for agricultural production.

Since its inception in 2006, the company has constantly improved its technology and equipment, applied ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017 quality management systems to make high-quality fertilizers and pesticides from inputs imported from world-leading pesticide manufacturers in Israel, India and the United States.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Phong, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of Tay Do Long An Materials Joint Stock Company, said, “Currently, Tay Do-branded fertilizers and pesticides are present in almost all provinces in the Mekong River Delta, the Central Coast, the Central Highlands and even in the north. In any locality, farmers are very satisfied and confident about the quality of Tay Do products”.

In order to gain this trust, in addition to bringing its internal resources into full play, Tay Do Long An has cooperated with relevant agencies to conduct surveys and researches on soil, rice and crop varieties for each locality. Thus, the company has manufactured fertilizers and pesticides suitable for soil and plant development stages.

Especially being aware of harmful effects of fertilizers and pesticides in use in agriculture such as soil, water and air contamination and human health, the company is focusing on developing eco-friendly and bio-products, replacing toxic chemicals to help grow stronger crops, provide enough necessary nutritional ingredients for crops and stabilize crop yields. The company’s products also feature environmental friendliness, reasonable prices and high profitability for farmers, helping build a clean, efficient and sustainable agriculture.

The company has won various awards and titles like Vietnam Agricultural Gold Brand Name and Typical Rural Industrial Product.

The company’s featured products include Tado Prime (Super Roots) NPK fertilizer for rice that adds micronutrients for rapid, strong root growth to absorb all nutrients in the soil, prevent strong crops from falling, increase alum detoxification and organic detoxification for plants to boost root regeneration after disease. Tado Diamond provides all essential nutrients for rice to grow good ear early and shield from adverse effects of weather conditions. Tado 6-6-8 + TE (Super Strong Grain) provides a complete, balanced range of nutrients for rice growth and grain growth.

With the business principle “Cooperation - Sharing - Joint Development”, the company always stands by farmers and instructs them to use fertilizers properly and effectively. The technical staff goes to every region and locality to directly guide farmers how to use fertilizers and pesticides. The company closely works with agents to organize training programs and field workshops to transfer techniques and build fertilizer and pesticide models for farmers. Demonstration models showed that the proper use of Tay Do fertilizers and pesticides has increased the crop yield by 5-15%; reduced pests and diseases; reduced labor costs for fertilizers and pesticides; improved crop tolerance to weather.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Phong said, “In the context of extensive international integration and great competitive pressure, to achieve sustainable growth, the company will further improve, research, and launch high-quality products with reasonable prices; build and perfect the distribution system to meet various needs of customers; develop and train professional employees dedicated to build a standard advanced corporate culture imbued with its companion with farmers.”

Source: Vietnam Business Forum