Upholding Vietcombank Brand and Culture

9:41:44 AM | 17/7/2020

In the past years, the Long An Branch of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank Long An) is always a leading commercial lender in Long An province with the top quality service, a prime example of carrying out government and SBV policies, and a positive contributor to local socioeconomic development and international integration. In 2020, as the COVID-19 epidemic is affecting all economic sectors, to uphold the Vietcombank culture, Vietcombank Long An has introduced many practical policies to support businesses and people.

Support for mutual development

Mr. Doan Thai Son, Director of Vietcombank Long An, said, since its inception, Vietcombank Long An has made constant development to become a familiar partner of local customers.

To support local businesses and investors, especially in the context of COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, Vietcombank Long An has carried out many measures like offering preferential interest rates and fees, reducing the settlement time for customers, and effectively applying mechanisms and policies. In addition, the branch has focused on improving the service quality and constantly diversified products and services for different demands of customers. Specifically for corporate customers, the branch has applied preferential loan packages with low interest rates to support businesses to easily access loans and project financing. For individual customers, the branch has offered consumer loans, business loans, real estate loans and car loans with a lot of attractive incentives. The branch has also provided electronic banking services in a rapid, convenient and diverse manner and ensured customer information security. It has also offered payment guarantee, international payment - trade finance, foreign exchange and currency management services.

Accompanied by Vietcombank Long An, many businesses and people have gradually overcome the tough time and stabilized business operations to keep pace with the economy. The timely support of the local banking sector in general and Vietcombank Long An in particular has helped Long An make breakthroughs in investment attraction, which indirectly raises the local budget revenue and improves the overall economic picture of the province.

Shining Vietcombank Long An culture

In addition to effective business performances, Vietcombank Long An always focuses on building corporate culture and considers it an intangible and invaluable asset that brings Vietcombank's image closer to the community.

According to Director Son, the beauty of Vietcombank Long An culture is especially evident in meaningful charitable activities. The branch always pays much attention to social security activities in the locality like philanthropic activities or thanking activities. Typical examples include the day for the poor, scholarship for poor students, school construction and charity house construction.

In parallel with social security programs, Vietcombank Long An has always put a premium on employee policies. All employees are paid wages and rewards on their performance to encourage them to bring their intelligence and capabilities into full play. In addition, they are entitled to other benefits like annual health check, vacation, sick leave aid and wedding/funeral aid.

Vietcombank Long An pays attention to training and fostering professional skills for its employees; building a strong force of young well-qualified and professional employees; and upholding the corporate culture. Over time, Vietcombank Long An's culture has been increasingly fostered to become a glue that unites all employees together to further develop Vietcombank Long An and make more important contributions to local socioeconomic development.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum