Extendable Arm of Vietnam's Industrial and Mechanical Sector

9:46:45 AM | 17/7/2020

Over six decades of construction and development, Bui Van Ngo Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd has affirmed its leading position in Vietnam's industrial and mechanical sectors.

The Mekong Delta is an agricultural producer of Vietnam, but agricultural mechanics is not adequately invested and the processing technology is low. Therefore, the company has made sustained investment in the development and manufacturing of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Success by seizing the opportunity

When talking about Bui Van Ngo mechanical brand, people living in Saigon for a long time and farmers in southern provinces immediately think of rice millers, polishers and separators. Founded in 1955, the company was just a small mechanical workshop specialized in manufacturing agricultural processors and light industrial equipment. After 1975, according to the State policy, Bui Van Ngo joined the Hau Giang Mechanical Cooperative. After receiving Soviet machine tools transported from the north, the company began to replace this equipment to better serve domestic rice processing needs. In 1980 - 1989, the State policy changed, the company was reestablished. At that time, farmers produced a lot of rice but it was not processed by machinery. Seizing this opportunity, Mr. Bui Van Ngo chose to produce specialized rice millers.

1998 was considered a milestone marking the new development of Bui Van Ngo Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. The company launched a new type of white rice milling machine patented by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). Danida Program of Denmark in Vietnam highly appreciated the equipment and signed many contracts on repairing and upgrading quality rice processing plants in Vi Thanh - Can Tho City and Nga Nam - Soc Trang province. From this breakthrough, the company continued to study and improve polishing and separating stages, marking the development of rice milling technology of Bui Van Ngo establishment in particular and Vietnam in general.

Technologically, Bui Van Ngo Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd has used advanced technology to produce 100% of rice storage and milling equipment, helping reduce post-harvest losses. The company has also produced a complete equipment system of rice dryer - miller - separator - packager. “Adaptation, modernity and efficiency for investors” is the motto of the company whose business philosophy is “When customers are successful and confident about Bui Van Ngo's brand, the company also gains economic efficiency.”

According to engineer Nguyen The Ha, who has worked for Bui Van Ngo Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd for 40 years, innovation and creativity are the “gene” of entrepreneur Bui Van Ngo's family. When the market demand changed, the company quickly adapted and innovated. For example, after the mass rice harvest in the Mekong Delta increased, requiring an adaptive drying system. At that time, the company researched and produced highly automated rice dryer systems. “Therefore, the company's products have been with farmers and rice milling facilities in Vietnam,” he said.

In order for Long An agriculture to develop sustainably and increase value, the province needs to link the agricultural mechanic sector, Ha added.

Possessing science and technology - the key to success

From a small mechanical workshop with just over 10 people, Bui Van Ngo Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd now has 12 factories with more than 1,000 workers, covering on 11 ha in Hamlet 5, Duc Hoa Dong commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province. The revenue rises annually about 15%, reaching more than VND700 billion. Currently, over 60% of rice machines in the Mekong Delta are manufactured by the company. Its products have been exported to 26 countries, including Japan, South Korea, United States, Thailand, Brazil, Panama, and African countries. Not only that, the company has representative offices in the US, Panama, Indonesia and Africa.

In addition to exporting rice machinery, from 2018, the company launched wood processing equipment. Its products have high quality and reasonable prices.

Mastering science and technology is the decisive factor for the company’s current success, Ha said. Bui Van Ngo Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd always upgrades technology. The company replaced old-generation CNC punching machines in 2006, invested in Plasma metal cutting machines in 2007, and laser metal cutting machines in 2009. Versatile and new generation CNC machines are invested to replace old CNC machines. The rate of steel use increased from 80% to 95-97%. The ratio of non-standard parts is reduced from 5% to 1%. Labor productivity increases rapidly, the quality of machine parts and equipment meets international standards.

Furthermore, by automation, the Bui Van Ngo Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd has researched and manufactured invasive and non-invasive ventilators and industrial robots for manufacturing factories and warehouses. The company also regularly leads scientific and technological cooperation between science and technology companies with science and technology institutes, schools and agencies under the guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum