Vinh Duc General Hospital: Where Medical Ethics Create Trust

11:12:39 AM | 29/4/2021

Vinh Duc General Hospital, established on October 17, 2006, is the first private hospital in the countryside of Quang Nam province. In its 15 years of construction and development, the hospital has examined and treated millions of patients in Quang Nam and neighboring provinces. Staffed by dedicated, qualified nurses and doctors, Vinh Duc has become a solid foundation to grow medical ethics that builds the trust of patients who seek a sense of equanimity during their treatment.

Vinh Duc General Hospital was approved by the Ministry of Health to provide most techniques of a secondary or provincial hospital and some technical services of a first-class hospital. Covering 4 ha, including 2.2 ha of usable area, the hospital has 400 beds serving 1,500 patients a day. It has nearly 500 employees, including 120 doctors, 50% of whom are postgraduates.

Vinh Duc General Hospital always puts expertise and patient services first, provides a wide range of services such as outpatient examination, room and bed services, open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, painless delivery, physical examination, minor orthopedic operations, blood tests, immunochemical, cancer screening, molecular biology and microbiology. With a full range of specialties such as general internal medicine, general surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, cardiology, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, hepatobiliary, musculoskeletal, urinary, dermatology, ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, nerve and oncology, Vinh Duc General Hospital meets high-level demand for medical examination and treatment in Quang Nam and neighboring provinces. On average, the hospital has about 300,000 visits and 15,000 treatments a year.

"Medical ethics create trust" is the working motto that has been thoroughly grasped by all employees since the inception. In particular, the hospital employs experienced medical specialists and uses modern high-tech equipment imported from advanced countries such as 4D Color Doppler ultrasound machines, high frequency X-ray generators, mammographic machines, laboratory machines, electrocardiographs, surgical endoscopes, diagnostic endoscopes, CT scanners and magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRI). The operating room system is installed with modern equipment, standard operating tables and operating lamps for prompt intervention and surgery in all circumstances.

In 2019-2020, Vinh Duc General Hospital invested nearly VND200 billion to buy equipment and, in March 2019, inaugurated the High-Tech Diagnostic Center furnished by modern equipment like 512-slice CT system, DHA machine, MRI 1.5 machine and subclinical testing systems, which in addition to the diagnostic center, also serve the trauma center and the vascular intervention center. To date, the hospital has invested in three systems: The vascular intervention system, the trauma center system and the high-tech diagnostic center. In 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in Quang Nam and Da Nang, Vinh Duc General Hospital was exposed to three COVID-19 cases. Following instructions of the Ministry of Health, the Quang Nam Department of Health and the Provincial People's Committee, the hospital quickly addressed this.

First-grade Physician Tran Cong An, Director of Vinh Duc General Hospital, said, while improving medical examination and treatment equipment, human investment is considered one of the important foundations for quality improvement. Accordingly, the hospital always focuses on training and improving employee quality together with their skills and qualifications by inviting experienced doctors from Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Da Nang and other hospitals to cooperate in technological application to digestive hepatobiliary surgery and others. The hospital also organizes personnel training, enabling newly graduated doctors to reach higher expertise and qualifications, which account for about 30% of doctors. That is why the hospital always has stable human resources.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum