Viettel Goes with Binh Phuoc in Digital Transformation

9:29:01 AM | 26/5/2021

Viettel Binh Phuoc has made every effort to side with local authorities and people to accelerate information technology application in building e-government and digital transformation in the past time. Mr. Chu Hong Quang, Director of Viettel Binh Phuoc, grants an interview with Vietnam Business Forum’s reporter on this topic.

Could you introduce Viettel Binh Phuoc's outstanding business results in 2020?

In 2020, joining with local authorities and people to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic and developing the economy, Viettel Binh Phuoc also faced numerous difficulties. In April 2020 alone, the branch gave all mobile and landline subscribers free service in quarantine areas in the province and doubled the landline bandwidth (no fee increase), resulting in revenue decrease from VND80-85 billion a month to VND66 billion (down 18-19%). In late 2020 and early 2021, it also exempted and reduced fees for many service companies and households affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, causing its revenue to fall by VND37 billion in 2020.

In 2020, Viettel Binh Phuoc still achieved an impressive business outcome, being one of four provincial branches with revenue of over VND1,000 billion (VND1,078 billion), ranking No. 23 out of 63 provinces and cities. This number was very encouraging as the province has fewer than one million residents. More meaningfully, when its revenue increased by 4.6%, its profit went up by 9.5% over 2019, indicating its strongly improved labor productivity.

These results came from the branch’s effort to accelerate digital transformation in executive management. Currently, the branch has 55 employees, down from over 300 previously, but all operations are smooth and business indicators are growing. This also resulted from its active transition from voice to data services. Viettel Binh Phuoc has applied many programs to attract customers to use data for years. To improve service quality, the branch installed 34 more BTS stations, bringing total 4G BTS facilities to 656. With strong, stable 4G coverage quality and cheap rates, it signed up 128,000 new data subscribers in 2019 and the first six months of 2020, bringing total 4G subscribers to 595,000.

Currently, Binh Phuoc province is striving for digital transformation and smart development. So, how is Viettel Binh Phuoc siding with the province in this process?

Viettel Binh Phuoc has taken the lead in applying telecommunications and information technology to all areas of life such as health, education, science and technology.

Specifically, the branch has cooperated with the local education sector to launch management software and update lectures on Viettel Study software to open a space for students to self-study and download good lectures for themselves, improve teaching quality and access to knowledge for students. Viettel Binh Phuoc has also joined hands with the health sector to carry out an electronic medical record management system for people by personal identity (ID) to reduce time and spending for disease examination and treatment.

Viettel Binh Phuoc has also joined forces to coordinate in the construction of the Provincial Operation Center and the Television Bridge Center from the province to the commune level since 2017, thereby bringing provincial policies to lower authorities. This move has facilitated the delivery of public services of Category 3 and Category 4.

Assisting the province's policy on smart development, Viettel participated in building the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) in Binh Long town, which was put into operation on April 16, 2021. The center operated several contents, including: operating systems of socioeconomic performance, health, education, public administration monitoring, tourist information, accommodation, surveillance and traffic cameras, GIS geographic information, and fire warning system at Binh Long and Thanh Luong markets.

In order to help Binh Phuoc speed up digitalization and quickly deploy e-government and IOC projects, from February 9, 2021, Viettel also launched 5G network services - the latest mobile broadband technology, with 50-times faster data connectivity than the current 4G network, not only serving people but also internet of things (IoT).

Viettel's participation in public service projects not only achieved economic purposes but also expressed its responsibility for local development. At present, provincial authorities are making efforts to accelerate digital transformation, which comes from the vision of provincial leaders and results from engagements of communes and customers upwards. Therefore, successful digital transformation requires a harmonious combination of the leadership's vision and people's determination.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum