ECO BMC High Strength Concrete Bricks : Outstanding Construction Quality and Aesthetics

9:18:34 AM | 10/3/2022

Concrete materials are now used very commonly in construction projects, from houses and roads to urban areas and parks. ECO BMC high strength concrete bricks made by Hai Duong province-based ECO BMC Investment Joint Stock Company are distinctive from the competition thanks to aesthetics, durability, and environmental friendliness.

As beautiful as rock, as durable as metal

Sharing about the development process and market expansion, Mr. Nguyen Duc Cuong, General Director of ECO BMC, said that when he visited some European countries, he found that sidewalks were clean, flat and well-fitted with the landscape and architecture. The surface of each pavement tile was very beautiful, with no signs of deterioration from time.

Seeing that this is a practical product for domestic construction projects, especially in modern cities and urban areas where the demand for higher quality is rising, he came up with the idea of making this material in Vietnam. Owning a large concrete factory in Hai Duong province, studying materials, production lines and product testing was quite easy for him.

In 2018, the company started making ECO BMC high strength concrete bricks. Despite being a special product, the product was quickly accepted by the market thanks to its superior values such as popular application, different designs, adaptability to different architectural spaces, resistance to all environmental conditions and durability.

In order to quickly meet market needs, ECO BMC Company has focused investment on production infrastructure to make a variety of product lineups, including pavement tiles, bundle seams, block bricks, garden bricks, manhole covers and concrete slabs be used in most construction works.

In particular, ECO BMC high strength concrete bricks can replace more expensive materials such as rock and metal. For example, ECO BMC pavement bricks and bundle beams are meticulously manufactured to have similar aesthetics of natural stone, widely used in urban areas and streets. ECO BMC garbage guards are as beautiful and durable as metal but much cheaper than the latter. Slightly skewed sidewalk bricks are convenient for vehicles to get on and off, and enable automatic sweepers to operate easily and avoid being chipped or broken.

Moreover, ECO BMC high strength concrete bricks can self-permeate water, helping to reduce downpour-caused flooding in cities. Besides, thanks to the glossy surface, this material is free from stagnated water, dirt and moss or discolor that reduces aesthetics over time.

Higher sustainability, environmental friendliness

Superiority in aesthetics and applicability of ECO BMC high strength concrete bricks has enhanced the value of many streets, modern towns and ecological campuses in Hai Duong, Hanoi, Hai Phong and other localities. Many investors of big residences like Ecoland and Ecopark Hai Duong trust ECO BMC for their projects.

Featuring environmental friendliness and resource economy, ECO BMC high strength concrete bricks are made from mostly materials sourced from construction stone and concrete production.

After just three years in the market, led by dynamic, professional and responsible personnel, ECO BMC has become a professional contractor of “design - fabrication - installation consultancy" in high-strength paving tiles. The company guarantees product quality and durability in use (free replacement if self-damaged).

General Director Nguyen Duc Cuong said, ECO BMC Company will constantly strive to bring customers the best products and services. “In particular, to become a leader in infrastructure construction, we will reaffirm its No. 1 brand in supplying and constructing high-grade pavement bricks and concrete bricks in the country.”

By Vietnam Business Forum