Long An Resolute to Lead Digital Transformation

9:01:08 AM | 11/3/2022

The outbreak and prolonged development of the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly affected all aspects of business and social life. But, this has also become a catalyst for Long An province to strongly accelerate digital transformation, e-government construction, digital economy and digital society.

In 2020, Long An province ranked No. 27 out of 63 provinces and cities on the Digital Transformation Index (DTI). This achievement came from the ongoing efforts of the Party, authorities and people of the province, especially the information and communication sector. During the complicated and prolonged pandemic outbreak, the province endeavored to scale up digital transformation and e-government towards a digital government and achieved many remarkable outcomes. The information and communication sector worked hard to assist the provincial government and serve local people and enterprises. Its focused work included upgrading and completing a standard data center for the province; building a centralized network information security operation system (SOC) of the province and applying a 4-layer information security model; synchronously deploying a specialized data transmission network from province to commune and ensuring basic technical infrastructure conditions in e-government construction; providing public procedures of Level 4 online; and connecting and putting into operation the National Online Payment Platform (Paygov) to facilitate people and businesses to pay online. Digital platforms and shared information technology systems (electronic single-window, document management, online video conferencing system from province to commune, public service portal and e-mail) continue to work well.

To date, the province has provided 1,513 out of 1,810 Level-4 public services online (or 83.6% of the total) and received more than 133,000 electronic applications (over 3 times more than the previous year). 99.6% of them are settled on time and 99.99% are digitally signed documents processed among governmental agencies.

Promoting its results and preparing for comprehensive, rapid and sustainable digital transformation, on August 20, 2021, the Executive Board of the Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 21- NQ/TU on Long An digital transformation to 2025, with an eye to 2030. Then, the Provincial People's Committee issued Program 3288/CTr-UBND dated October 8, 2021 on implementation of Resolution 21-NQ/TU, featured with specific goals, tasks and solutions to make breakthroughs in digital government, digital economy and digital society in the province.

On October 1, 2021, the Department of Information and Communications submitted a pilot plan for digital transformation in 2021 - 2022 to the Provincial People's Committee for approval. The plan was applied to Duong Xuan Hoi commune in Chau Thanh district, Can Giuoc town in Can Giuoc district, and Ward 4 in Tan An City. The pilot plan for commune-level digital transformation catalyzed the digital transformation of local government, enabling the government to increase interaction with people and assist people, business households and cooperatives to expand their opportunities to access digital technology, easily introduce and popularize locally distinctive products in the digital environment.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan, Director of Long An Department of Information and Communications, said based on the achieved outcomes and experience from pilot plans, the province will synchronously launch the Long An Digital Transformation Program to 2025 and further to 2030. In the long term, the program will aim for a synchronous and comprehensive digital transformation across the province, covering all sectors, fields and aspects of social and economic life; bring Long An in a leading group of digital transformation in the country and achieve a high development level of digital government, digital economy and digital society.

To realize these goals, the province is determined to stay on the higher half of digital transformation in the country; bring all public services of Level 4 online; complete construction of a shared database and establish Long An open data portal; lift the share of the digital economy to 10% of the GRDP; extend broadband network infrastructure to 80% of households and 100% of communes; universalize 4G/5G mobile network services and smartphones; and complete building basic smart city services in Tan An City by 2025.

Also in the Long An Digital Transformation Program, the Provincial People's Committee outlined near-term tasks and solutions: Developing e-government towards a digital government to lead digital transformation, provide high-quality public services, optimally use digital platforms to effectively solve socioeconomic problems; developing the digital economy, gradually increasing the share of the digital economy to facilitate growth re-patterning and developing digital society for people and businesses to transact and interact with governmental agencies; enhancing publicity and transparency in social management and administration, jointly solving problems and creating values ​​for the community. “To successfully carry out the digital transformation program, in the coming time, Long An will organize conferences and seminars, inform basic and core contents of digital transformation, enhance the knowledge of civil servants, people and businesses from province to commune, and upgrade administrative skills on digital transformation platforms,” he said.

By Vietnam Business Forum