Nam Hai Co., Ltd Enhancing Vietnamese Handicraft Brand

12:12:21 PM | 15/7/2022

Improving quality and diversifying products to increase competitiveness and keep export markets is an inevitable trend for cottage industry and handicraft producers. In that context, Nam Hai Co., Ltd has actively upgraded technological equipment, invested in designing high-quality products and beautiful designs, focused on building product brands and expanded consumer markets.

Starting from a small production facility, Nam Hai Co., Ltd has constantly grown to bring stable income to thousands of local workers. The company's products are manufactured from traditional materials such as bamboo, including bowls, plates and lamps. From modern processing technology and skillful hands of artisans, its products meet market requirements for beauty, durability, friendliness and reasonable price. The products are not only famous in the country but also reach many selective markets around the world.

Bui Van Hai, Director of Nam Hai Co., Ltd, said, "Before many inherent challenges of handicrafts compared to manufactured industrials, over the years, while inheriting and promoting handicraft tradition built by previous generations, the company has continuously improved its processing technology and applied advanced scientific and technical achievements in the world to create quality products and diversify product designs to gain trust of customers. The company’s production has constantly grown up, with the revenue rising year after year. Since its inception, the company has always effectively applied the good salary and bonus policy, taken good care of the material and spiritual life of employees. Therefore, its employees feel secure to work, wholeheartedly devote themselves to build up the company.”

Currently, Nam Hai Co., Ltd is applying advanced production technology to material soaking. The company has adopted the tank-based bamboo soaking method using chemical additives to reduce material processing to 7-10 days. The company has invested a handsome amount of money to build a workshop system covering over 2,000 square meters equipped with modern machines such as dryers, paint sprayers and sanding machines. The factory is equipped with a large exhaust fan system to remove dust. The sanding area has 15 machines furnished with 15 exhaust fans to remove most of the dust in production, which is collected in the pipeline leading down to the storage tank of over 100 cubic meters. The painting booth area is installed with a "water wall" system to absorb, deposit and treat paint dust with specialized chemicals before discharging. This method, in addition to minimizing environmental impacts, also helps the company actively source raw materials for production, improve product quality and satisfy increasing demands in selective markets such as the EU and the US. Currently, the company has created jobs for 150 full-time employees and nearly 2,000 outsourced family workers.

One of factors to success of Nam Hai Co., Ltd is product design. Its designers introduce many new models to the market every year. These products always have a harmonious combination and catch up with color trends of the year. Furthermore, its products are made natural and environmentally friendly materials and so they are very popular with consumers. In fact, for Nam Hai Co., Ltd, creativity and designing investment have helped it thrive while many handicraft producers, especially those in cottage industry villages, are struggling due to insufficient orders and falling prices.

Although 2021 was a difficult year for businesses due to COVID-19 epidemic impacts, with its good prevention and control of epidemic and a strong base of big customers, the company’s production and business stayed stable and ensured jobs for its employees. In 2021, the firm achieved a 30% growth in revenue, reaching more than VND120 billion. This result proved tireless efforts of all the leadership and the staff of the company when they were always active and flexible in production, timely adaptative to epidemic developments. In the coming time, with clear strategic directions, along with careful preparation in personnel and finance, Nam Hai Co., Ltd will continue to invest in the second phase with a 5,000-square meter factory, expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2023. With its investment expansion, the company is confident that it will achieve a growth rate of 200% and create jobs for nearly 500 full-time employees and thousands of local seasonal workers from now to 2025.

Director Hai added, “Currently, the company is making relatively impressive results with a loyal customer base. The management always must assess the market accurately, focus on developing the company with its own resources, avoid haste in investment, go slowly but surely to achieve sustainable business.

From a methodical investment strategy, especially in 2022, the COVID-19 epidemic is basically under control in the world and the company’s production and export are seeing a lot of advantages for increasing revenue and profitability. That makes Nam Hai firmly believe in sustainable output for handicraft products, another step for Vietnamese handicrafts to increasingly assert their position in the international market.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum