Overcoming Difficulties to Keep Growth Momentum

10:22:23 AM | 12/5/2023

In 2022, by overcoming all difficulties and challenges due to numerous domestic and global economic fluctuations, the industry and trade sector of Long An province managed to achieve remarkable results.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Thanh, Director of Long An Department of Industry and Trade, pays a working visit to Binh Dien fertilizer factory

The sector has focused on carrying out many consistent solutions launched by the Central Government, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee, especially Resolution 01/NQ-CP and Resolution 02/NQ-CP of the Government, and Resolution 27-NQ/TU of the Provincial Party Committee and Decision 208/QD-UBND of the Provincial People’s Committee. The COVID-19 pandemic has been controlled well. Economic support, recovery and development policies have been brought into play to help businesses actively integrate and gradually build their reputation in the international market.

The positive recovery of industrial and commercial activities asserted the driving role in economic development and restructuring of the province, especially boosted by continued industrial production recovery and export growth. The drop in gasoline prices, promotion programs and consumer stimulus programs further facilitate trade and export, evidenced by retail growth of 21.43% and industrial growth of 9.08%. In particular, the processing and manufacturing sector accounted for over 90% of the industry and grew 11.29% year on year. This performance helped the province's overall growth (GRDP) to exceed the given plan.

In addition, the sector focused on accelerating public administration reform (PAR), executing resolutions on PAR and launching many plans to fully implement PAR tasks; made public and transparent administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the Department of Industry and Trade; effectively cooperated with relevant bodies to handle administrative procedures under the single-window mechanism, leaving no records handled late (23,718 administrative records received: 21,826 records settled earlier than the regulatory time, 1,852 records settled on time; and 40 records being processed as scheduled). The sector maintained and improved the ISO-certified quality management system; adopted digital transformation, applied information technology to effectively use document management software (over 99% used digital signatures; 96% of administrative records handled online; 99.92% of administrative procedures were digitized; and 100% of settlement results were digitized).

To continue administrative reform, in the coming time, the Department of Industry and Trade will continue to review and ask the Provincial People's Committee to announce administrative procedures under the Department's competence and announce the internal process of administrative procedure settlement under its jurisdiction.

The department will regularly review and update legal documents on administrative procedures under its jurisdiction and promptly request the Provincial People's Committee to announce amendments, removals, additions and replacements in accordance with the law.

The Department of Industry and Trade will promptly update and publicly list all administrative procedures issued under its jurisdiction.

In 2023, the province expects the industrial production index to grow by 9.5%; total retail revenue of consumer goods and services to rise 6.5% to VND109,200 billion; export value to expand by 5.97% to US$7.1 billion; and import value to look up 5.88% to US$5.4 billion. 99.97% of households will have access to electricity.

The agency will promptly settle complaints and recommendations of individuals and organizations about administrative regulations; and ensure satisfaction for organizations and individuals when they come to solve administrative procedures.

It will continue to maintain the mechanism of receiving and handling recommendations of organizations and individuals when they come to settle administrative procedures.

The department will promote communications on administrative reform, especially about online administrative procedures categorized Level 3 and Level 4.

By Duy Binh, Vietnam Business Forum