Soc Trang Province Tapping Tourism Potential

2:34:23 PM | 9/11/2005

Landscapes and unique Khmer architecture continue to attract tourists.
Mahatup pagoda (Chua Doi)
The pagoda was built by Khmer people employing traditional architecture. The pagoda is under the foliage of old trees with tens of thousands of bats (some weigh one kilogramme and have a wing span of 1.5 metres). In day time, the bats hang on the branches and roofs of the pagoda. Therefore, it is also called Chua Doi (Bat pagoda). In 1999, the pagoda was recognised by the Ministry of Culture as a historic and cultural relic.
Buu Son Tu (Clay pagoda)
The pagoda was built by Ngo clan. Mr Ngo Kim Tong, the fourth generation, spent 40 years completing hundreds of clay statues and it is therefore called the Clay Pagoda. Visitors can see for themselves, and imagine the hard work and technique used in making the statues. The pagoda has a 13-storey tower with 108 doors, each with a Buddha statue and another tower with eight lamps weighing 1.4 tonnes.
Sa Lon Pagoda (Chen Kieu)
The pagoda is on Highway 1A and 12 km from Soc Trang town. It was built by branches and leaves and destroyed by American bombs. In 1969, it was rebuilt by Buddhist monk Tang Duch. In 1980, the monks decorated the walls with bowls and saucers in an artistic way. The pagoda then became known as Chen Kieu (artistic bowl pagoda).
Song Phung tourist centre
An area of 79 hectares in Song Phung commune, Long Phu district will be developed into a modern eco-tourism centre with orchards and islets including Phong Nam, My Phuoc, Lao Dung. It will accelerate the economic restructuring of the province.
Tan Long bird sanctuary
A 2.5 hectare sanctuary, home to some 10,000 birds of various kinds. Leaving for food at sunrise and returning at sunset, the birds have lived peacefully under the care of Old Huynh Van Muoi for the past 23 years. Visitors can have a full view of the bird sanctuary from a 10-metre high tower, or on a boat rowing around it, fishing and listening to traditional music.
Some tourist tours in Soc Trang:
Tour 1: Visiting My Phuoc islet
Breakfast at Phong Lan hotel, leaving for Con Phuoc, noon rest at orchard to enjoy fruit, fishing, traditional music, legendary tales and cruising by boat around the islet.
Tour 2: Visiting Tan Long bird sanctuary
Traditional noodles are served at Phong Lan hotel, visiting Khmer Cultural Museum, Clay pagoda, Bat pagoda, Tan Long bird sanctuary, Artistic Bowl pagoda, with two deluxe beds in Bac Lieu.
Source: Soc Trang Trade & Tourism Dept.