Gia Lai Province Enters 2006 with Confidence

10:56:01 AM | 25/1/2006

Gia Lai is a Central Highlands province with great potential for agriculture and forestry development, boasting abundant materials and a large labour force. In 2005, Gia Lai’s economy gained encouraging results. ViB Forum interviewed with Le Viet Huong, member of the Party Standing Committee and vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Gia Lai about the province’s achievements and orientations in 2006.
In 2005, Gia Lai’s economic growth rate reached 12.87 per cent. Can you highlight the province’s achievements in 2005?
In 2005, Gia Lai completed its socio-economic development targets. Even though the 2005 growth rate of 12.87 per cent was not as high as planned, it has made a significant contribution to bringing the province’s average growth rate in five years to 11.55 per cent.
2005 saw great efforts of agencies and people in Gia Lai province. As a result, Gia Lai gained important socio-economic development results, despite a difficult and challenging context. Accordingly, the province obtained a high economic growth rate with an economic structure changing for the better. The province’s industrial construction sector maintained a high growth rate of 20.11 per cent. Services saw the highest growth rate in years, which reached 15.73 per cent. At the same time, the quality of growth has gradually improved. Total social investment capital saw a higher increase than forecast. The province has proven progress in investment attraction and allocation.
In 2005, enterprises in the province developed large-sized projects. This has proven that Gia Lai’s investment attraction has improved. The province’s budget revenues were higher than estimated, depicting exactly its economic growth.
In 2005, Gia Lai concentrated on addressing urgent social issues. What achievements has the province gained?
In 2005, Gia Lai successfully organised festivals and the congresses of Party committees at all levels, in particular the 13th provincial Party congress. At the same time, the province carried out programmes on poverty reduction and house building for policy beneficiaries. Accordingly, VND 14 billion, including VND 9.5 billion from the State budget, was invested in building 1,884 houses. Programmes N0 134 and 135 and other national target programmes were implemented effectively.
As a result, local people’s living standard has improved. Education, culture, information, physical education and sports and media have proven significant progress. The province maintained national security and social order, promoting a democratic atmosphere in local Party organisations, which have encouraged local people to develop the economy.
With such favourable conditions, in 2006, what solutions will Gia Lai province implement to boost socio-economic development?
These results have an important meaning, making a contribution to the province’s achievements in implementing the provincial Party resolution and the 2001-2005 five year plan. This will be a momentum for the province to implement the 2006-2010 five year plan with firm determination and higher targets.
The province’s top target in 2006 is to gain a GDP growth rate of 13 per cent with budget revenues of over VND 900 billion and export turnover of over US$60 million, as well as an industrial production value of over VND 1,800 billion. Accordingly, the industrial sector will gain a growth rate of 22 per cent. This figure for the services has been set at 15 per cent. The province will strive to have its social investment increase by 20 per cent against 2005. Also, Gia Lai will reduce its number of poor households to below 27.4 per cent, controlling the birth rate at 1.8 per cent. The province will increase its per capita income to VND 6 million (US$380) per annum. Gia Lai has expressed its great determination for a sustainable development for the coming stage by setting targets in 2006 higher than the average figures of the whole 2006-2010 period.
The province will also concentrate on perfecting mechanisms and policies to mobilise more investment capital and promote export with trade and investment promotion activities. Specifically, the province will expand markets, develop spearhead products and trademarks for export promotion, and increase competitiveness during the international integration process.
Furthermore, the province will review and adjust master plans of agencies and spearhead industries to promote economic restructuring and fully tap potential and advantages of industries and localities. Gia Lai will plan the development of industries, plants and animals in combination with processing establishments, thus producing more products of high economic value for the domestic and foreign markets.
Gia Lai will boost administrative reforms, simplifying procedures at all levels, creating more favourable conditions for investors and enterprises to get quick access to public services. 
In addition, the province will develop qualified cadres by sending them to regular training and retraining courses. Gia Lai will also strive to have qualified experts, capable of providing consultancy services for local authorities in issuing polices and mechanisms, suitable with the province’s development stages.
2006 is the first year Gia Lai has implemented the resolution of the 13th congress of Party Committee and the 2006-2010 plan. We hope that our young and dynamic cadres will lead Gia Lai to become a prosperous province. We also hope that 2006 will be one of the most successful years for Gia Lai, developing a momentum for the province to enter firmly into the new stage.

Reported by Quoc Tuan