Epson Launches Perfection V100 Photo Scanner with Advanced Film Scanning Feature

9:52:28 AM | 29/8/2006

Recently, Epson, a world leader in digital imaging, had announced the launch of the EPSON Perfection V100 Photo scanner. The EPSON Perfection V100 Photo scanner is the ideal scanner for quality film scanning. 
Specifically designed for home users and photo enthusiasts, the EPSON Perfection V100 Photo effortlessly scans and restores documents, 35mm films and photographs. The output is captivating with its 3200dpi optical resolution and a 48-bit colour depth that vividly captures and reproduces all colors. Featuring an unique new hinge design, the scanner’s lid can be opened up to 180 degrees to scan thick documents including books, magazines and even 3D objects easily. Users will also experience ease of use with four direct access buttons intuitively located on the scanner’s front panel. These buttons provide quick access to the scanner’s most common functions including start, copy, scan to PDF and scan to email. 
The EPSON Perfection V100 Photo also boasts an energy-saving mode which is automatically activated after 15 minutes of inactivity. The scanner can be reactivated by simply tapping on any one of the four direct access buttons or by launching the Epson Scan software.   
In addition to scanning on the default mode, users can also choose from a list of enhancement features available on Epson Easy Photo Fix. These options include the improved Digital Dust Correction, which is sensitive enough to detect and remove specks of dust on old photographs and films. The software selection also includes an all-new backlight correction function which analyses the image histogram for backlight conditions. Upon identifying this condition, it automatically adjusts the brightness, sharpness, colour saturation and colour balance of the image. Other features of the Epson Easy Photo Fix include Colour Restoration, Grain Reduction and De-screening.
With the advanced scanning and software features, the EPSON Perfection V100 Photo restores faded memories to their vibrant best! Priced at USD139, the EPSON Perfection V100 Photo is a stylish and highly capable scanner for the home photo enthusiast. The product is available from August 2006.