Tien Giang Province Develops Aquaculture Sector

11:37:14 AM | 26/10/2006

Tien Giang province has 32 km of coastline, 120 km of the Tien River and a large network of canals most favourable for the development of aquaculture. Currently, the traditional aquaculture of the province is being invested and expanded to the objectives offshore.
With the existing advantages, the aquaculture is regarded as a spearheaded economic sector of the province. The fisheries have been developed in all fields: raising, catching, logistics, processing and export. In 2005, the export value of aquatic products was US$45.4 million, In 2001-2005, the aquaculture made up 7.2-7.9 per cent of the GDP of the province.
To achieve the objectives set for 2010: 161,000 tonnes in output, VND1,490 billion in production value and US$95 million in export value, the fisheries sector is re-planning the raising area, developing infrastructure, increasing the scale, and upgrading the processing for export.
The province encourages the offshore fishing, especially tuna, and processing industry in industrial zones. Other related activities are also promoted such as raising, catching, processing and consumption.
Development planning
            Although the sea water in the province contains less salt and more nutrition elements essential for aquaculture, the intensive fishing has seriously affected the resources and environment. It requires a pressing programme to protect and develop the fisheries resources for the province in 2006-2010. Consequently, the province has six projects in 2006-2010 and orientation to 2020:
1.         Restoration, re-establishment and development of fisheries resources (2007-2010) in coastal, river and submerged areas to increase suitable aquatic products and experiment new species.
2.         Development of data base (2006-2010) to provide information on fishing activities and increase State management on protection and development of resources.
3.         Zoning the fishing areas (2007-2010) and improving bio-sphere to maintain the resources such as shell fish and oysters near river –mouths.
4.         Protection of environment along the coast and Ngang dune (2007-2010) to protect the resources from intensive exploitation.
5.         In 2011-2013, Tien Giang will apply the management of river-bed fishing in the Cau river with over 600 fishermen operating in the area.
6.         Capacity building to upgrade the State management and development of resources to ensure sustainable aquaculture.
The total investment capital estimated for the six projects is VND19,384 million with VND16,000 million by the Central budget for Ngang dune project and the rest by the banks in the province.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Can, Director, Tien Giang Aquaculture Department: Increased competitiveness in international economic integration
Prior to WTO accession, Tien Giang aquaculture has gained new some experiences including some law-suits. The strict demands of the markets have helped Vietnamese businesses upgrade the product quality. The question now is to develop the resources to ensure the export. Currently, we are developing the supply of qualified products, ensuring food safety and increasing competitiveness in the international economic integration.
Tan Huong