Infrastructure Breakthroughs Expected to Turn Hau Giang into New Regional Hub

9:46:06 AM | 21/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

Hau Giang province has become a “new investment destination” in recent years where current hardships may lead to an open prosperous future.

Resolve for Hau Giang Breakthrough Development

10:20:48 AM | 15/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

With the theme "Businesses come, Hau Giang is happy", Hau Giang Investment Promotion Conference 2022 is expected to create a new impetus for investment inflow and provide an opportunity for all levels of provincial government to prove their determination for breakthrough development of Hau Giang province.

Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve New Drives for Breakthrough Tourism Development

9:05:13 AM | 14/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

Hau Giang province launched the Ecotourism Project of Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve with the aim of conserving natural resources and biodiversity; building charismatic destinations to lay the groundwork for becoming a major tourist center of the province and a national tourist site of the nation by 2030, thus creating breakthroughs for the tourism industry.

Dong Phu Industrial Zone Investment JSC Effective investment - Sustainable development

8:58:57 AM | 14/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

Dong Phu Industrial Complex invested by Dong Phu Industrial Zone Investment Joint Stock Company is the first project in Hau Giang province to successfully attract companies to invest, build and develop infrastructure in industrial zones, helping reduce pressure on the State budget and strengthen its appeal to investors.

Truong Son Coal Production Aligned with Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development

8:49:00 AM | 14/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

Being safe for users, friendly to the environment and having green input materials are gradually becoming the first choices among sustainable construction trends. Grasping this tendency, Truong Son Coal Co., Ltd has invested in modern technology and equipment to create high-quality but cheap unburnt construction materials to reach more customers.

Hau Giang Has European-standard Agricultural Export Processing Factory

8:45:46 AM | 14/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

Westfood Hau Giang Factory, invested by Western Export Food Processing Joint Stock Company (Westfood) and scheduled for construction commencement in June 2022, will add Hau Giang to the list of provinces with European-standard agricultural export processing factories

Westfood Focuses on Developing Material Areas, Bringing High Income to Farmers

8:44:32 AM | 14/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

By associating and cooperating with Western Export Food Processing Joint Stock Company (Westfood) to develop raw material areas in the form of off-take contacts, a farmer in Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang province, can obtain an income of VND100 million per crop.

Making Tourism an Economic Pillar

3:35:57 PM | 13/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

From a "low-lying area" but with determination and relentless efforts, in recent years, Hau Giang tourism has gradually prospered. In order to promote tourism to become one of the four economic pillars in the spirit of Resolution 04-NQ/TU dated November 26th, 2021 of the Executive Committee of Provincial Party Committee, the Tourism Industry is advising and implementing many solutions to overcome the "bottlenecks" of development.

VIMC Hau Giang Helpfully Strengthening Local Magnet to Investment Inflows

2:16:01 PM | 13/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

To gradually increase the business scale and capacity, Hau Giang Maritime Service Co., Ltd (VIMC Hau Giang) has well performed its role as an important trade and freight hub of Hau Giang province and the Mekong Delta as a whole. These results have helped promote industrial production and services and create advantages to attract investment for the province.

Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corporation Thriving with Hau Giang Industry

2:10:22 PM | 13/6/2022 | HAU GIANG

With its strengths in industrial and urban zone development, Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corporation (KBC) was licensed by Hau Giang Provincial People’s Committee to finance the construction planning for Song Hau 2 and Song Hau 3 parks and their adjacent supporting residential areas in Chau Thanh district.