Lam Dong Managers and Businesses Unite to Boost Growth

3:00:58 PM | 22/10/2007

With the appropriate exploitation of available resources, along with well-planned policies of Lam Dong province to attract investment, Lam Dong’s economy has seen significant growth over the past years. The achievement is built on the considerable contributions of Lam Dong's managers and businesses.
Mr Nguyen Trong Hoang, director of Lam Dong's Trade and Tourism Department: “Trade and tourism sector keeps high growth rate”
In recent years, Lam Dong authorities have invested in building a clean, green and beautiful environment. Da Lat city alone is covered with a variety of green trees and flowers, leaving visitors with a good impression of the city of flowers. Besides, Lam Dong tourism has also been diversifying products, reinforcing and developing traditional festivals into annual festivals, such as Ponguor fall festival in January of the lunar calendar, and expanding the Hung Temple and Hung Temple festival held annually in Prenn tourism park as well as the Gong cultural festival in Lat commune (Lac Duong district). Especially, the quality of accommodation for visitors has been upgraded. In addition, travel and transportation has been improved both in quantity of enterprises and quality of services. New tours, routes, and types of tourism have attracted many new tourists, especially ecological and cultural tours, and adventure sports which are considered the strengths of Lam Dong province and Da Lat in particular. Along with improving the quality of tourism infrastructure and services, Lam Dong's authorities are widely advertising Da Lat- Lam Dong tourism.
Trade and services on a provincial scale have developed considerably; consumer goods and materials for manufacture have met consumer demand. Exports have increased rapidly due to growing numbers of export enterprises and investment in high-quality export products meeting international market standards. However, export activities have recently faced difficulties. Annually, hundreds of thousands of agricultural products are produced, but they are raw materials with low value due to the lack of technology. As a result, export turn-over is low. Technology for harvesting and preserving products is out of date and production costs are high, therefore these products cannot easily compete with similar products from other provinces and imports.
Mr Hua Van Tuan, Director of Transport Department: “Transport to Promote Local Economic Growth”
In Lam Dong, there are 4 types of means of transport including roads, railways, waterways, and airways. In particular, Lien Khuong airport in Lam Dong, 30 km from Da Lat with a 3,250 metre runway was developed in late 2006, and it has been undergoing upgrades to handle 1 million visitors annually. Especially, Lam Dong and air agencies are negotiating with some countries to open international routes to Lien Khuong-Da Lat. Besides, Dau Giay- Lien Khuong highway, a branch of Xuyen A road has the role of connecting the highlands with seaports, airports and big industrial parks of coastal provinces as well as other Mekong Basin countries, creating opportunities for cooperation, integration and exploitation of regional resources for social and economic growth. The project has been calling for investment with the total value of US$1 billion.
In the following years, on the base of targeted tasks, the transport sector in Lam Dong continues to develop to ensure local socio-economic growth. In basic construction alone, examining, supervising, and managing the quality of construction from design to implementation have been strengthened in order to ensure the rate of progress and quality of construction to meet the planned targets.
Mr Nguyen Tri Dien, Director of Lam Dong's Industry Department: “It is necessary to improve enterprise’s ability to compete”
In order to support enterprises to innovate technology, improve competitive ability and find markets, since 2003 Lam Dong authorities have allowed establishing organizations to support industrial manufacturing activities. The industrial stimulating program has been highly appreciated, not only for carrying out support activities for enterprises and industrial-handicraft manufacturers including cashew nut manufacturing, rattan and bamboo knitting, brocade weaving, silk germinating and wool weaving, but also in creating jobs for employees from the countryside and helping some businesses improve their competitive abilities on the market.
Some main support activities of this program are the application of accounting software and ISO-HACCP quality management system, building infrastructure, registering trade names, renovating technology, lending funds, vocational training, participating in exhibitions. Based on statistics, since 2003, the program has supported 71 units and organisations taking part in 15 domestic fairs and one international fair to advertise Lam Dong products. In which, many products have been highly appreciated by consumers such as Tam Chau Tea, Da Lat champagne, hand embroidered pictures and hand made products. Especially, participation in these fairs has helped enterprises find partners, open their agents and sign contracts.
Mr Le Dinh Phuoc – Deputy Head of Management Board of Lam Dong Industrial Parks: “Lam Dong Industrial Parks - Investment Destination for investors”
Over the past years, the Management Board of Lam Dong Industrial Parks has focused on carrying out compensation for site clearance in Loc Son and Phu Hoi industrial parks, raising capital for investment in socio-economic infrastructure inside and outside the industrial park, meeting enterprises’ demands during project implementation and trading organisation. In addition, the board has promoted administrative reform with a “One-door” mechanism, improving administrative service quality with open and transparent policies, firmly removing barriers and unnecessary procedures, shortening the time required for phases such as project appraisal and investment certification, and simplifying procedures in construction and import-export management. These activities aim to ensure proper solutions for organisations and individuals, towards implementing the “one-door” mechanism. At the same time, the board has promoted training officials with good quality, high capacity in all aspects and discipline, to fight corruption and embezzlement in the system from the central board to industrial park’s infrastructure development companies. Moreover, the management board has kept a close eye on enterprises’ activities to provide in-time support for them during project implementation and operation, considering it a part of direct investment promotion, effective but with low cost. The board continuously monitors and improves investment policies and mechanisms to ensure they are meeting the demands of investors, infrastructure developers, land users, workers and the state.
Mr Nguyen Dang Hien – Director of Lam Dong Electricity: “To Meet Power Demand”
At present, the Lam Dong electricity grid is divided into two regions: the north and the south. In which, the north receives electricity from Da Nhim Hydropower Plant with a 110KV power line ranging from Da Nhim-Duc Trong-Da Lat 01-Da Nhim and stations of 110/22KV in Duc Trong, Da Lat 01, to provide electricity for Da Lat City, Lac Duong, Don DDÆ°Æng, Duc Trong and Lam Ha districts. The south will include two major sources, in which the 230/110/35-22kV Bao Loc power station will supply 22KV of electricity to Bao Loc Town and Bao Lam district and 35KV of power to intermediate stations of 35/22KV in Da Hoai and Da Teh for power supply to Da Hoai, Da Teh and Cat Tien districts. The 110/22kV Di Linh power station, operating from June 14, 2007, will provide 22kV to Di Linh district.
In 2006-2010, power usage at the grassroots level is expected to grow at 15 per cent per annum. In order to realise the growth target, Lam Dong province needs to develop industries and services, and invest effectively in power constructions. At the same time, the province should pay attention to land use planning for infrastructure, including the power grid.
Mr Tran Dinh Lanh – Director of Lam Dong Water Supply and Drainage Company, Ltd.: “To Ensure Sufficient Fresh Water for People”
In the past several years, the company has tried to ensure adequate water generation as well as maintain equipment and facilities to ensure the supply of sufficient water for daily life, and enhance water quality. The company has focused on construction with effective design and a good rate of progress with key projects such as contract 2a and Da Teh industrial infrastructure. In addition, in May 2006, the company sold state stakes in Bao Loc Water Plant and continues to sell the stake in the second tranche, preparing to set up Tuyen Lam Water Joint Stock Company, Thung Lung Vang Toursim Area. It maintained and instantly improved the management system to ISO 9001-2000 standard, at the same time improving effectiveness in management and raising the quality of services and customer care.
Mr Nguyen Minh Thang - Director of Lam Dong Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (LADOPHAR): “Improving Product Quality”
At present, LADOPHAR has trade relations with more than 140 domestic and foreign suppliers with over 1,000 medical products which have been registered for trading in Vietnam. The company also produces over 25 commodities and this will continuously increase in the upcoming years. LADOPHAR has a staff of professional, competent and experienced managers and officials, qualified at university and college levels, which accounts for one third of the total employees. LADOPHAR has built its prestige on product quality and become a reliable trade partner. In addition, LADOPHAR has applied the ISO 9001:2000 standard management system, with modern production lines which allow the production of various medicines, and an effectively operated laboratory (GLP) and medicine preservation (GSP). The company’s products are available nationwide. In the coming years LADOPHAR will develop human resources, researching and applying new technologies, renovating management methods and improving product quality to meet the increasing and diversified demands of customers at reasonable price.
Mr Nguyen Huu Thinh – Director of Road 78 Management and Maintenance Company: “Ensuring Safety for All Road Routes”
In order to serve local socio-economic development, the company always monitors bridges and roads to provide in-time management and maintenance. Departments of road management conduct inspections to detect damage on roads and supporting construction to prepare timely maintenance plans. Many road routes have been restored and maintained. The company has cooperated with traffic inspectorate IV-01 and local authorities to carry out management on traffic works and road corridors to deal with derogation, clear away sites encroaching road corridors, supervise the traffic situations on certain routes and warn contractors to ensure traffic safety on road sections under construction. They also monitor projects upgrading roads. The company always carries out high quality road maintenance.
Mr Vo Huu Duc - Deputy general director of the Central Highland and southern central region region and director of Mai Linh Da Lat: “Serving quality brings success”
Mai Linh Da Lat Joint Stock Company was officially set up on June 26, 2005, with 100 per cent private capital and an initial 20 cars. Over the four past years, Mai Linh Da Lat has gradually built its brand name. With a professional working style and a highly qualified and experienced staff, Mai Linh Da Lat has built a solid reputation with domestic and foreign partners and customers. As a result, the company holds a stable market share in a competitive market.
Mai Linh Da Lat has been operating in taxi, cars for rent, and Mai Linh Express trans-province high-quality passenger cars. So far, Mai Linh Da Lat has opened two branches in Duc Trong and Bao Loc districts with over 70 new cars. In four years of operation and development, Mai Linh Company has set the guideline “Safety, Quality Whenever and Wherever” for their service. Mai Linh Da Lat is proud of being a member of Mai Linh Group - the first public passenger transport services company in Vietnam with management system of international standard ISO – 9001 : 2000 granted by the UK’s BVQI.
In the coming years, the company targets alliances with domestic and foreign partners on a basis of friendship and mutual benefit in order to better serve their customers. Mai Linh is striving to realise its goal to become a strong private economic group of regional and international standard.
Mr Nguyen Tien Dung - Director of Military Telecom Corporation’s branch in Lam Dong: “For Wider Expansion”
According to statistics the country had only 1,000 BTSs before 2004, but the figure increased to more than 2,000 stations in 2005. Viettel has 3,300 stations so far, from which Viettel Mobile covers most border, island, mountainous and remote areas. Mobile phones kept booming with 10 million new subscribers, in which Viettel contributed the largest share of 35 per cent. So far, Viettel’s mobile phone subscribers have reached nine million, contributing to raising the country’s telephone density to 3.5 phones/100 residents.
With its strong development, Viettel has also taken active part in social activities, charity programmes, and repayment activities. For example, Viettel has established “Viettel - Vietnamese hear” fund with VND1.2 billion, and organised an exchange “A war period” between more than 1,000 veterans in Quang Tri citadel with over 5,000 Hanoi students. The company has also funded construction of a common grave for heroes in the cemetery in street No. 09, with total capital of VND200 million, built 35 houses of gratitude and one nursery school, together valued at VND800 million. Viettel has participated in charity and humanitarian activities, programmes to support disaster-hit provinces, and repayment activities, with total capital of nearly VND10 billion from 2000.
Viettel is striving to become a multi-business and multinational group, with a famous name in the world, and provide leading service in Vietnam each year.
Hai Trung