Cao Bang Tourism: Great Potential

2:30:29 PM | 7/1/2008

Cao Bang town is the political, economic and cultural centre of the province with a position similar to a peninsula, fully encircled by rivers and mountains, “Three sides with fast rivers, Four sides with high mountains.” The province also has several historical relics such as Pac Bo (Ha Quang) where President Ho Chi Minh once lived and worked, the Tran Hung Dao forest (Nguyen Binh) the birthplace of the first unit of the Liberation Army, and the remains of an ancient citadel of the Mac dynasty.
The province also has many beautiful landscapes such as Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave, Phia Den with moderate climate similar to Sapa or Tam Dao, and Thang Hen Lake (Tra Linh) which is attractive to tourists. Craft villages producing brocade and farming tools, together with the Si and Luon folk music and ethnic minority festivals have become tourist attractions in Cao Bang.
In recent years with the assistance of central and local authorities, Cao Bang tourism has recorded encouraging achievements. The number of local and foreign tourists increases 15-20% a year. Accommodations and services have improved in quantity and quality, especially in the private sector.
To ensure more efficient development, Cao Bang is calling for investment in tourist projects and accommodations. By 2010, the province will have 1,000-1,200 hotel rooms. In 2007-2010 the province will build tourist centres in Pac Bo, Ban Gioc, Nguom Ngao and Cao Bang Town.
Cao Bang will organize various kinds of tourism: sightseeing, research, ecology, resort, sports, recreation and transfer tours to China. Opportunities are open for local and foreign investors to make Cao Bang a tourist destination.