Industrial Zones in Lam Dong - Improving Facilities to Lure Investments

9:50:23 AM | 27/11/2008

After one year of the country’s World Trade Organisation (WTO) integration, the economy of central highlands Lam Dong province has also seen an active progress towards industrialisation and modernisation.
The province’s industrial sector has gradually adapted to the current situation through reorganising the production mechanism, rearranging activities of enterprises in industrial zones and complexes. By doing that, the sector has improved activities’ effectiveness, significantly contributing to the whole province’s socioeconomic development.     
According to Le Dinh Phuoc, deputy chief of the Lam Dong Industrial Zones Authority, the province has two industrial zones and 14 industrial groups. In 2007, the production of enterprises in the industrial zones was considered to be relatively stable and effective. On the basis, enterprises have continued to expand business, invest more factories, machines to raise the quality of products and the competitive ability on domestic and foreign markets. In addition, thanks to administrative procedures resolved quickly and timely, investors saved their time as well as enjoyed investment priorities like land leasing fees and enterprise income taxes.
As a result, the export turnover is on the rise, the consumption markets not only remain stable but also expand to many other countries. The development of industrial zones also helps create a large amount of jobs for local laborers. Particularly, the clear investment environment has contributed to attract more and more investors, both domestic and foreign ones. Currently, Japan’s Kimono silk weaving plant, located in the Loc Son industrial zone, the Loc Phat industrial food production plant, the Hiep Tien flax plant have become operational. 
During the past time, in order to simplify administrative procedures in accordance with the State’s “one door” reform mechanism and lure more and more domestic and foreign investors into the province’s industrial zones, the managing board of Lam Dong Industrial Zones Authority focused to introduce the “one door” policy’s contents to as well as organise training courses on regulations related to administrative procedure resolution for all officials and employees of firs mint eh industrial zones. The regulations on documents receiving and returning were carried out strictly, reasonably and fairly. 
Regarding the state management work, in 2007, the managing board planned to check up, adjust and supplement some administrative procedures in competent fields, for example completing the regulation on “procedures and settlement order of administrative procedures in line with one-door policy”. It was also authorised to implement fields as follow: Assessing and licensing investment certificates; adjusting investment certificates; granting and extending licenses for foreign laborers; issuing certificates on earmarking and dealing places; assessing basic designs; issuing commitments on environmental protection; granting Form D (certificates of goods origin).
In 2008, the managing board of Lam Dong Industrial Zones has applied the quality management system ISO 9001:2000, including standards: granting and adjusting investment certificates; issuing labor regulations, licenses for foreign labourers; attesting real estate documents; granting construction licenses. The board often checks up procedures and promulgates new forms in a bid to simplify procedures, shorten the time and create the most favorable conditions for investors and enterprises.
Information on Industrial Zones in Lam Dong:
+Loc Son IZ: 
The Loc Son industrial zone is situated in the town of Bao Loc, some 120 kilometres from Da Lat city towards northeastern and 200 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City towards southwestern. Established under the Decision No. 1733/AP-CN issued December 18 2003, the industrial zone covers an area of 185 hectares. It is near those areas in which both industrial plants and food crops are grown and minerals are extracted. Therefore, the IZ would be good for business and investment in mineral, agricultural and food processing, building material production, textiles and garments, precision engineering and electronic industries. 
+Phu Hoi IZ:
The Phu Hoi IZ is located in Phu Hoi commune of Duc Trong, 35 kilometres from Da Lat city towards Northeastern and 270 kilometres towards southwestern from Ho Chi Minh city. With total area of 174 hectares, the IZ has good infrastructure, favorable roads and near to the material supplying areas. The IZ’s detail scheme was approved by Lam Dong Province People’s Committee at the Decision No. 1617/QD-UBND on June 27 2007. Investment projects in fields of food, fruit, vegetable and forest product processing, chemical production, metallurgy, tourism, building materials, paper and paper pulp are welcomed to the IZ.
Ngoc Huong