Dak Lak Radio-Television Station: Steady Growth

5:49:11 PM | 27/5/2009

 Dak Lak Radio and Television Station was set up in early time when the southern Vietnam was liberated. It was developed from Buon Ma Thuot Radio station. Despite facing many difficulties, the station’s cadres and staffs always tried to take advantages of equipment and machines to produce programmes serving local people, contributing to encouraging labour emulation campaigns.
To meet increasing demand of viewers and listeners, after on-year pilot broadcasting, Dak Lak Radio Station was official turned into the Dak Lak Radio and Television Station in 1984. Every week, the station produces three television programme about the province’s features in particular and the Central Highlands region in general.
Dak Lak is among the first provinces in the Central Highlands and Central regions televise television programmes. So far, the station has three television programme production centres located at No. 01 Nguyen Tat Thanh, No. 07 Le Duan (Buon Ma Thuot City) and Ha Lan Tunnel (Krong Buk). The station’s equipment system includes one a 10-meter antenna located on a 700-meter height compared to the sea water level; two broadcasting machines FM with capacity of 5KW and 2KW; two televising systems on frequency bands VHF and UHF with capacity of 2KW-10KW, raising its broadcasting and televising coverage to 99 per cent of and 90 per cent respectively.
With a goal to make “Practical – Useful- Interesting” programmes, the station raises total time for radio programes to 11 hours/day and 18 hours/day for television programmes with 38 columns, news, science and education programmes and game shows. Weekly programmes attracted viewers and audiences as it has become an important information channel and food of the mind for local people.
Dak Lak Radio and Television Station actively joins radio and television festivals every year and win many gold and silver prizes and medals. It is recognised as one of strong provincial stations.
With these achievements, the station received many certificates of merit and emulation flags from central and local agencies. Particularly, it was granted with Labour Medal of grade III by the state president last year.
Ngoc Oanh