Vietcombank Binh Thuan Branch: Ensuring Customer Success

4:06:14 PM | 27/5/2010

In 2009, the Vietnamese economy and companies encountered numerous difficulties, including Vietcombank Binh Thuan - a branch of Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank). But with the sound strategy and effort of all staff, Vietcombank Binh Thuan steadily navigated challenges to achieve good results and provide reliable service for customers in the province.
Established in November 2005, Vietcombank Binh Thuan is a well-known reputable lender with strong operations in commercial financing, import and export payment, foreign exchange, guaranteeing and other financial and banking services. The bank is staffed by a well-trained, professional, knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic workforce and is built on modern banking technology. In 2009, Vietcombank Binh Thuan actively adopted many measures to boost capital mobilisation and maintain credit liquidity and safety. By the end of 2009, the branch mobilised VND387 billion, up 65 % from the start of the year and exceeding the yearly target by 3 %. With its efforts to diversify products and services, the branch attaches special importance to taking care of customers, applying preferential payment charges for regular customers, providing package services (credit, deposit, foreign exchange, payment, etc.), and expanding marketing and advertising activities on mass media. It also offers preferential treatments to attract more customers in the province.
Vietcombank Binh Thuan also focuses on development investment, diversifies banking services and utilities, and expands its operating network to better meet customer demand. New utility services SMS Banking and Internet Banking have quickly caught the attention of customers. To date, over 600 institutions and 18,000 individuals have opened accounts at the branch and 102 units registered to receive their salaries direct-deposit via the credit card system. The branch also expands relationships with local companies to develop lending financing, credit and card payment services and offers preferential interest rates for customers. By the end of 2009, outstanding loans valued at VND608 billion, up 99 % from the start of the year and exceeding the yearly plan by 3 %.
Specifically, in response to the Government's stimulus package at the start of 2009, Vietcombank Binh Thuan actively implemented the Government's decision on interest rate subsidy for corporate and personal borrowers. The development of modern banking technologies supports access to capital sources and popular payment services.
In the light of the business philosophy of “Always ensuring the success of customers”, in 2010, Vietcombank Binh Thuan strives to expand capital sources, improve performance quality, and maintain market share in the province. The branch will also focus on mobilising capital sources to meet growing borrowing demand in 2010 and subsequent years. At the same time, the lender also accelerates the development of retail banking operations and improves service quality to attract more customers and enhance competitiveness.
Thai Hoang