Son La Construction Material JSC 1 Promotes Business Performance

2:42:10 PM | 21/6/2011

Son La Construction Material Joint Stock Company 1 is a leading light in the construction material production sector in Son La province. In the past years, the company has made intensive investment in new tunnel brick production lines powered by advanced technologies to manufacture high-quality products, ensure environmental sanitation, and improve productivity.
The company, founded in 1974, specialises in manufacturing bricks, stones, sand and gravels for civil, traffic and irrigational construction. Before its privatisation, the firm always ensured sufficient supply of building materials for constructional projects in Son La province. Its revenues as well as its employees’ incomes increased year after year. It also fulfilled all tax obligations to the State and provided insurance for employees.
After going public in 2005, the company reshuffled production and retrained its employees to bring the annual output to 20 million bricks. In 2007, it invested in Moc Chau brick production factory with an annual capacity of 30 million units. Two years later, it built Song Ma brick factory capable of manufacturing 15-20 million units a year. The three factories had a combined production capacity of 80 million bricks and provided jobs for 250 employees. At present, its workforce has doubled to 500 people. Its annual output expands 15-20 percent on average. Revenues increased from VND15 billion in 2006 to VND41 billion in 2010. Since 2005, it has always fulfilled tax obligations to the State and provided insurance policies for all staff. It has also actively organised arts and sports activities to improve spiritual life for its staff.
In order to sustain the development in the times of global financial and economic crisis in the past years and domestic inflationary escalation in 2011, the company has applied sound production and business policies. Its management decided to expand business networks to Dien Bien and Lai Chau provinces. Remarkably, it has also exported its products to Hua Pan Province of Laos via Chieng Khuong and Loong Sap border gates. It has made intensive investment in its factories to maximise operating capacity, reduce costs and improve quality. It is planning to build new factories from 2012.
Speaking of business results, Mr Ngo Van Them, President of the Company, said: Support and guidance of local authorities are important factors for the company to make success. Besides, the unity and dedication of the entire staff also strengthen forces for the company to make headway.
Ban Quyen