Quang Ngai to Become Tourism Hub of Central Coast, Highlands

10:17:00 PM | 28/6/2011

For the past time, Quang Ngai has made great efforts to exploit tourism potential, and the fast growth of this industry has contributed more and more local revenue. However, in order for tourism to become a general economic industry, there are many things to do, in which the core work is build a unique brand for local tourism products, as well as expand cooperation and connection in building the Quang Ngai tourism brand.
Grasping opportunities
Quang Ngai Tourism managed to obtain many achievements in 2010, thanks to grasping opportunities from major local events such as 65th anniversary of Ba To uprisings; 35 years of Quang Ngai liberation; Culture and Sports conference among minority ethnic boarding schools all over the country; the 2nd Seminar on Sea Brand; and Economic Cooperation Forum for the Central key economic zones. Tourism turnover reached VND 215 billion, up 26 percent against 2009. The total number of tourists was 330,000, increasing by 12 percent against 2009.
The province also implemented construction of the My Khe – Tra Khuc route, in Dung Quat – Sa Huynh coastal road project, with total capital of VND 2507 billion; and initiated Tra River Dam project with total capital of about VND 225 million. In 2010, five tourism accommodations were put into operation, which increased the number of tourism accommodations to 65; three enterprises joined the travel sector, which raised the total number of travel agents to 8. Besides, by the end of 2010, there are 8 trade villages certified by provincial People’s Committee as traditional trade villages with new criteria. Other events included: opening Hanoi – Chu Lai – Hanoi flights and adding another passenger boat, for a total three of boats operating on Sa Ky – Ly Son route.
Building unique tourism products
According to Mr Ta Quy, Vice Head of Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, thanks to its location right in the middle of the country and with its historical vestiges, beaches, ecological values and biological diversity, Quang Ngai has adequate conditions to develop tourism although these huge potentials have not yet been exploited. Therefore, in order to gradually make Quang Ngai an attractive destination, the tourism industry will invest in preservation and restoration of historical vestiges, as well as supervise provincial People’s Committee to coordinate with other provinces to hold unique events, like festival, to draw tourists’ attention. Meanwhile, determining that in tourism development, the key is to know how to differentiate and diversify tourism products and services. To ensure tourism sector development as expected, the prerequisite concern of Quang Ngai tourism is to focus on diversifying tourism products – services, forming unique tourism routes; boost up communication and promotion, expand coordination and connection to create a good brand for Quang Ngai tourism. First, the three provinces Quang Ngai – Binh Dinh – Kon Tum need to cooperate to exploit international tourists coming through Bo Y Border Gate (Kon Tum).
In addition to building typical tourism products, another priority for Quang Ngai is reforming and completing procedures, policies and laws related to tourism development, including preferential policies attracting investment into tourism, financial ones for tourism infrastructure investment, along with strengthening human resource training and fostering tourism communication and promotion.
Quang Ngai tourism targets 360,000 tourists in 2011 with total turnover of VND 250 billion, and 600,000 tourists in 2015 with revenue of VND700 billion, 3.3 times that of 2010. With these specific targets, Quang Ngai tourism will witness strong development to become a centre of the tourism chain in the Central region, taking advantage of potentials on sea, island and mountain tourism, strengths of cultural and historical revolution vestige system, and building on the development of Dung Quat Economic Zone and Van Tuong new urban residential area.
Cong Luan