Resilience of OceanBank Quang Ngai

10:22:04 PM | 28/6/2011

Upon investing into facilities and completing mechanism to improve operation performance, OceanBank branch has obtained greater market share, and offered suitable banking products. Thanks to its effort, OceanBank Quang Ngai has asserted its strong position in banking and finance and won customers’ trust.
Staffs and clerks at branch OceanBank Quang Ngai have always served customers considerately, consulted for the benefits, convinced and satisfied the most demanding ones, which increased the number of customers coming to transact at the branch. Moreover, the branch continues to implement and diversify modern banking and financial services, products which are effective for enterprises and individuals such as underwriting service, credit, account service, savings account mobilization, internet banking, ATM card etc. These products and services all bring customers the highest value based on professional, devoting and flexible services.
Soon seeing Quang Ngai’s characteristics of having many import-export enterprises with high transaction need, OCeanBank Quang Ngai has been the pioneer in implementing international payment service, which brings about many conveniences, meeting enterprises’ need of payment. According to Ms Phan Thi Tu Anh, Director of OceanBank Quang Ngai, international payment services such as open a letter of credit, documentary credit advising and confirmation, export D/C negotiation, documentary collection, shipping guarantee and standby letter of credit etc are branch’s strengths. International payment turnover reaches US $30 million per year, trading foreign currency turnover is approximately US$190 million per year. This has met corporate and individual demand of US dollar in Quang Ngai province.
Understanding difficulties enterprises are facing in current economic status, Director Phan Thi Tu Anh said that “Determining that banks are partner of enterprises, under the leadership of Management Board, OceanBank Quang Ngai together handles obstacles with preferential capital, by providing package financial solutions to assist businesses to catch the opportunities and grow fast. Accordingly, OceanBank in general and the branch in particular always give priority to small and medium enterprises in issuing additional credit facility for working capital, consulting in financial management. Besides, as for manufacturing enterprises serving export, OceanBank adopts policies to reduce lending interest rate in US dollar and VND against usual lending”.
With effort to conquer the market, OceanBank Quang Ngai has asserted its position in banking and finance market, built up trust toward leaders, customers and partners in Quang Ngai. For example, the branch has contributed capital and sponsored some important projects in petroleum field and industrial development such as project of Dung Quat ethanol factory, oil refinery factory of Binh Son Oil refinery and petrochemical limited company. The branch signed registered charter capital contracts with Chu Lai Truong Hai automobile company (VND 200 billion), Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company (VND 100 billion) etc.
In addition to strong business development, OceanBank Quang Ngai has also actively joined economic, cultural, social activities in the province such as becoming key sponsor for cultural exchange programme between Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh, presenting gifts to children infected Agent Orange on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, presenting gifts to the poor etc.
 Concerning development strategy, the branch’s representative stated that OceanBank Quang Ngai’s strategy follows common development strategy of the whole OceanBank system. The branch will continue improve technologies, attract qualified human resource and better service quality to meet the demand of development.
 Cong Luan