Always Supporting Quang Ngai Business Community

10:19:12 PM | 28/6/2011

The Quang Ngai Investment Promotion Centre has very effectively performed the role as a bridge linking businesses and the government, and created most favourable conditions for operations of businesses and investors. In an interview with reporter Vu Hoa, Mr Vo Muoi, Director of the Quang Ngai Investment Promotion Centre, said: “With its practical activities, the centre always offers an opportunity for businesses and their partners to interact, share information, seek markets, introduce products, or set up joint ventures to develop more effectively.”
Could you briefly introduce activities of the Quang Ngai Investment Promotion Centre?
In the past years, investment promotion activities in the province have been regularly reinforced and strengthened, with a focus on results. Apart from stepping up investment promotion activities, the centre also improves the quality of investment planning, infrastructure development, administrative reform, and policymaking to create an attractive investment environment and establish a time-saving investment procedure process. The centre has also boosted propaganda activities via mass media and other information channels; and issued many catalogues, leaflets, maps, CDs, gifts, and other publications to serve investment, trade and tourism promotion activities. In addition to strengthening consultancy and support for businesses and investors, the centre regularly organizes overseas investment promotion trips and holds direct meetings and dialogues with enterprises in order to understand their difficulties and obstacles, and seek out solutions.
With the primary role of guiding and supporting investors to complete administrative procedures concerning investment registration in Quang Ngai province, the centre has actively supported businesses through various channels. It has also helped them organise many successful events like inauguration, planning announcements, etc., when they encounter difficulties in instruments, vehicles or personnel. After three years of operation, it has acted as a bridge between businesses and the government. It has regularly taken polls on the business and investment environment in the province. Additionally, it generalises information on business activities and difficulties that businesses and investors face to report to the governing Provincial People’s Committee and competent authorities to provide timely support and create favourable conditions for enterprise operation.
How has the centre carried out trade promotion activities and supported enterprises to expand export markets?
With its assigned functions and tasks, the centre has always paid due attention to strengthening trade promotion activities, supporting enterprises to resolve difficulties and problems facing their business and production operations, and improve the quality, popularity and competitiveness of their products.
Knowing that advertisement and direct contact with domestic and foreign organizations, businesses, investors is an important measure to expand markets, the centre regularly organises trade and investment promotion trips in the domestic market and abroad (like South Korea and Taiwan) and carries out many activities to help enterprises expand markets. Besides, it frequently updates enterprises with information on mechanisms and policies, domestic and foreign markets.
To boost the competitiveness of enterprises, the centre pays special attention to assisting enterprises in developing branding and advertising products on mass media. It also calls investment into infrastructure works like electricity, water supply and port systems, to provide more favourable conditions for enterprises to expand production and business activities and increase exports. It also assists them in finding measures to reduce expenditures and production costs to enhance their market competitiveness.
Providing new knowledge for enterprises is also an important task of the centre. It has organised many training courses on market expansion and sales growth in the context of international economic integration and economic challenges, and advised them on effectively building up brands. Especially in 2010, the centre collaborates with the External Relations Newspapers to host the “Forum on central economic zone cooperation - new opportunity for prosperity.”
With constant efforts in trade promotion and market expansion, the province’s exports prospered in 2006 - 2010, raking in US$574.39 million, or an average of US$114.88 million a year. The average annual growth was 54.2 percent. Its import turnover was US$4,925 million in the reporting period, or more than US$985 million a year on average. Particularly, in 2010, imports soared to US$3,203 million as Dung Quat, the country’s first oil refinery, needs crude oil for refining.
What will the centre plan to do to improve the quality of its operations and provide better support for businesses?
To improve the operating quality as well as business support effectiveness, the centre has actively mapped out results-based investment and trade promotion plans and applied measures to improve the business climate to attract investment from all economic sectors. It will focus on promoting investment in industries and fields that Quang Ngai has comparative advantages, projects using deepwater seaports, and projects requiring supporting industries. It will attract more investment capital into oil refining, petrochemical and chemical projects to gradually develop Dung Quat Economic Zone into a national petrochemical centre as planned; and attract investment into heavy industries and industrial services. It will give priority to projects using intensive labour force and local materials, and agricultural projects to create balanced development.
In addition, the centre will also uphold relationships with other investment and trade promotion organizations to capture information on markets, support enterprises to access and expand markets and promote exports. Apart from providing market information, the centre regards exhibitions as an important approach to promote trade, because it is the fastest and most effective way in times of international economic integration. Exhibitions facilitate businesses to sign more contracts and boost exports. More importantly, the centre will regularly organise training courses on e-commerce, branding and other subjects for enterprises, in order to help enterprises adapt to new changes on global markets to apply proper policies to achieve successes and overcome difficulties.