Mobifone Extends SIM VIETPAY Training to Khanh Hoa Province

2:56:25 PM | 2/8/2011

Mobifone launched a SIM VIETPAY user training course for district, ward and commune postal staff of Khanh Hoa provincial post office on July 30. The product is a new Mobifone SIM integrating the VIETPAY Mobile application that helps retailers to quickly and conveniently execute top-ups for any mobile networks and games.
A Mobifone representative said: “This is the first time Mobifone directly delivers SIM VIETPAY user training to district post office staff and commune postmen, allowing not only residents of big cities but also rural areas to get access to the most handy mobile telecoms services.”
VIETPAY SIM provides the excellent utilities and benefits. It not only helps SIM retailers to cut costs, save time and increase earnings but offers mobile users a whole range of convenient uses. Only a few months introduced to the market, SIM VIETPAY has been a much welcomed and highly sought after package by retailers nationwide.
In cooperation with Dong A Bank, Techcombank, BIDV, Vietcombank, VietinBank and AgriBank, retailers have total autonomy when topping up SIM VIETPAY for sales using simple menu orders.